My birthday is in three weeks! Whee!!! I can’t wait. I really have nothing to talk about today. I watched the MTV movie awards last night. Thanks to the magic of Direct TV and MTV replays, I have managed to see almost the entire program. I’m not worried about it, I know it will be on all weekend, so I’m bound to see the first 30 minutes, which is the part I haven’t seen. Jackie and I also watched The Amazing Race. I don’t know why I was never into this show before, it’s awesome! The contestants get to travel all over the world. Jackie and I decided we’re going to be on the next installment. The way we look at it is, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You get to travel all around the world for free. If you win the race, you win a million dollars. So, can someone tell me what the down-side is? Yeah, you’re on a reality TV show, but if you are fun and chill like Jackie and I are, there is no reason for Americans to hate you. Which is really the biggest reason to not do a reality show. Because everyone will hate you. Some of the people on the show are really mean to each other, and I just don’t see what that accomplishes. I’m super-competitive, but it’s not life and death! Yikes. When they open up applications for next year, Jackie and I are all over it. Last night I took Woodsy to the airport, she’s in a wedding this weekend. Hope you have fun, Woodsy! This has been the slowest day ever. I was just busy enough to not be able to leave my desk, but not busy enough to have the time fly by. Tonight, Mike and I are going to dinner to celebrate his new job. Yay, Mike! I am so proud. Then, tomorrow I am going out to my hometown for a retirement party, and Mike and I are going to spend some quality time with the parents. Then, on Sunday it’s AVP day! Hermosa Beach hosts the AVP tournament every year, and I haven’t made it to a single one since I moved there. So this year, I am determined. Jackie and I are going, and we’re going to meet up with my friend Jen and sit in the sun (hopefully the sun will oblige) and watch some hot volleyball action.