I have come to the realization that I will always have a butt. I am wearing these jeans today that are that stonewashed color, really pale blue…sort of 80’s, in a way. And I feel as though they accentuate my butt. As do the construction workers over on San Fernando Avenue. After I heard some comments about it, I started looking at my rear in the windows I walked by. Yeah, it’s out there. I’m not saying that I’m fat or whatever, just that I have a butt that, I feel, is large in proportion to my overall size. Which is fine. Doesn’t everyone want a big butt now, thanks to J. Lo? I’m just waiting for someone on Extreme Makeover to get butt implants. I will die. I can hardly watch that show, anyway. It’s just too gory. If anything, it makes me never want to get plastic surgery EVER. You know, unless it was necessary because I was hideously mangled in a car accident or something. But let’s not go down that path. On my “lunch” today, I went to Party America and bought a bunch of accessories to decorate ourselves with for the Pub Crawl tomorrow. Everyone has to have some sort of Hawaiian theme, so I went crazy in the luau section of the store. There was so much to choose from! It’s going to be a good time. Two years ago, I worked at one of the bars, and all the people participating were so nice and crazy, so I swore to myself that I would be in it the next year. And I was! Last year, Jackie, Bella, Woodsy, Kimmi, and I had an insane amount of fun. I love seeing everyone’s costumes. I bought our team visors for tomorrow…well, they are called Margarita visors, and let me tell you, I was cracking up in the store looking at them. We’re going to look pretty classic when we’re finally dressed…and of course, there will be pictures. I also went and bought myself a white tank top, which Jackie and Bella will be decorating, and I bought Mike a stylish red spooner. We’ll be head-turners, oh yeah. More than usual. Since we’re all so pretty. Even Mike.