I‘m hearing all this commotion about a sniper in a building that near the 5 freeway. Because of his proximity to the freeway, the 5 is closed in both directions all around him. And the 134 is closed around him, too. I love it when traffic is even worse than normal. Now I’m hearing the sniper is dead. Well. I hope that means that by the time I leave traffic will be better. OPEN THE FREEWAY! They have 60 – 90 minutes to make everything better. Because it’s all about me!!! Yesterday I spent a nice night with my parents. I went out there after work and we chatted about all kinds of stuff and relaxed. Then I tried to figure out the mess that is their internet service provider. Adelphia is supposed to be big on customer service, but everyone I called could not give me a definitive answer about anything. So frustrating. And, on May 31st, I might have to find a new home connection to the internet. Which sucks, because my connection has flown under the radar for two years. Two! Free! Years! I don’t know if this will effect my email address…well, I have a million, but the one I use the most is through GTE…who sold out to Verizon…who sold out to Adelphia. And Adelphia is messing it all up! Boy, I am starting to compile a list of companies that stink. Speaking of stink, I went to go ship some CDs, and when I came back to my office it totally smelled like cologne. And it still does. I can’t figure out what caused it. I can see maybe, in the morning, someone smelling strongly of cologne, but who puts on fresh cologne at 4:25? Oooh…stoners! I bet someone went to celebrate 4:20 and then tried to get rid of that smell. I know you’re like, “you work in an office, who leaves to go smoke pot?” My answer to you is, I work in the music industry. A surprising amount of people do this. But DON’T WORRY MOM I’m not one of them. Ha, The Boss disappears all the time! JUST KIDDING, I would never insinuate something like that about my boss. Seriously. He’s the best. Moving on. Tonight, the roommates and I are going to Target to get Hawaiian stuff to wear to the big party on the pier this weekend. After that, I have to get back to making my room a less-cluttered place to be. It’s hard, because I’m a pack-rat, so de-cluttering the room means I have to throw away stuff. That’s a difficult thing for a pack rat to do. It must be done, though. I’m being engulfed by clutter! P.S. Still no pictures…there are a lot! I’m sorry! This photo of Dana will have to hold you over.