That damn baby commercial is for Amtrak. I now officially hate Amtrak. ALL because of that baby commercial. Actually, I should have hated Amtrak before because my gramma was riding in one of their trains back in 2000 and the damn thing DERAILED and bruised up my grammy but good. So, Amtrak, YOU SUCK! And, what is with your stupid funky spelling? I hate that. Okay, so I hate Amtrak because of their commercial, for bruising my gramma, and for their stupid spelling. Three strikes, they’re out. I went out to lunch today with my boss one of our artists and her producer. It was fun, but now I am so stuffed. I feel just so gross today, even though I am in a FAR better mood than I was yesterday. After getting all moody with Mike on the phone last night, I took some deep breaths, played some solitaire on my computer, and then called him back and apologized. Then I went to bed early, and that did me all kinds of good. This morning I got up early and went for a run. Look at me, all productive! I’m just mad at myself because, after working really hard for the last half of 2002 to lose weight, I’ve gotten lazy and gained a lot back. So, back to the hard work because it’s summer and I will be wearing a bathing suit! And, because I feel a lot better when I’m slimmer – I feel more healthy. And I spent a bunch of money on those new clothes and they need to fit! And because I got rid of a lot of the old clothes that I had before I lost weight! And because I bought my bridesmaid dress for Tara’s wedding when I was at my thinnest! And a million more reasons to lose weight. I do have to say, though, that the baby commercial really pushes me to the edge. That, and yesterday the powers that be decided it would be a good idea to fertilize the lawn outside my office building, even though it was about 187 degrees outside. It smelled SO bad, I thought I would die. Okay, moving onto more positive things, this picture encapsulates this last weekend for me. I like to call it, “My Favorite Accessory and Me.” This particular picture was taken at Lattitudes in Redondo Beach. Yummy frozen boozie drinks! I’m sure all the drinks I had there, and everywhere else this weekend, have NOTHING to do with how bloated and icky I feel today. Nothing at all. Just like all the drinks I’ll be enjoying this weekend at this fun event. I was going through my pictures from the weekend, and I actually took a ton of pictures, so I probably won’t have time to upload all of them until tomorrow of Friday. So if you are one of my posse here looking for them, SIMMA! Don’t I always send out emails when I upload pictures? That’s right, I do. It’s a service from ME to YOU.