There is this commercial that the local radio stations are playing here in L.A. I have no idea what it is advertising because it makes my blood boil when I hear it. There is some dude interpreting baby talk. And that is what drive me fucking crazy – the sound of that baby’s voice. First, I love the babies. I plan on getting me some one day when they’re on sale. Second, I think the babies have very adorable little voices. The sound of a baby’s laugh gets my ovaries a-goin’. It’s the sound of THIS baby…more specifically, the sound of the adult who is making the baby sounds. I can’t describe it. Maybe it’s the frequency of the voice or something. Whatever it is, when I hear that little freaky baby coo, it sends me into a murderous rage. I just totally flip out. This morning, as I was driving to work, I heard it and almost got into an accident. Add to the fact that I was very tired this morning, and that pretty much set my mood for the day. Especially since I have heard the damn commercial AT LEAST six times today. If I didn’t suddenly start to have an attack when I heard it, I would know what company is doing this to me and I would SEND THEM HATE MAIL. Man. I hate. Okay, moving onto happier things, I had a really, really fun weekend. I got to hang out with a ton of my friends, and I did a lot of drinking. Enough to make up for that three-day period last week when I couldn’t. It was drinks on Thursday, a happy hour party on Friday, Lattitudes on Saturday, a BBQ on Sunday, and then yesterday I met my parents for lunch and shopping. After that, I came home and met up with some of the ladies for drinks at Hennessy’s, which turned into a drunk karaoke night at Point 705. And it ended with Jackie, Bella, and me eating TWO boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese at 1 in the morning. Yeah. So, I’m cranky and not in a good mood today, even though I had a fabu weekend. I blame that damn baby commercial.