I have a moral dilemma for tomorrow. It’s a half day at work, meaning everyone will be gone at 1. It’s also a half day for my NYC office, which means when I get here they will be leaving. The Boss isn’t coming in. He told me that I could come whenever, leave whenever, do whatever I wanted. Well, I don’t want to come in. When The Boss left earlier, he said, “See you on Tuesday,” NOT talk to you tomorrow. So, what do I do? Do I come in? Or do I just stay home and go to the beach? Or do I come in really early and then leave really early? I know, you’re like, girl, PLEASE, give me a REAL problem! But, still, I consider these things. As much as I like to complain about working, I love my job and want to get far in this business. So I worry about what people think. Tonight, I am having drinks with Christi!! Woo, they are much deserved. I’m so ready for this three day (maybe four day!) weekend – it’s the beginning of a great summer! AND, tomorrow I am having a Happy Hour at my favoriteĀ bar, so it will be the perfect kick off for the weekend. Ah, summer, take me to bed or lose me forever.