Buffy is over! I miss it already. It was a great ending, but now I have all these questions: Where are they going to live now? What is going to happen to all of the Slayers? What about the Hellmouth in Detroit? DID THEY EVER MAKE IT TO THE MALL? These are important questions, people! I love Buffy. I’ve loved every single episode since the pilot for the last seven years. Seven! Crazy. Woo, Buffy! I had fun last night over at Kyle’s apartment watching it with him, my mom, my Leah, and some of Kyle’s friends. It was a nice way to end my weird day. I was at the doctor yesterday, where they ran a bunch of tests. The tests were…interesting. They basically were TRYING to make me dizzy with different stimuli. I had electrodes on my head that measured my brain waves to see if my brain was telling me I was moving when I really wasn’t. I felt soooo sick after, so I’m glad my mom was there. I’m still out of sorts a bit. Of course, I won’t get the results for TWO MORE WEEKS. So damn annoying. There’s more money down the drain! They had BETTER figure out what the hell is wrong with me, because I think The Boss is getting a little squicked out by me repeatedly having to leave for a doctor appointment. That is the fourth one, with the fifth in two weeks. I bet he thinks I have the SARS or something. On Monday, I met up with three of my friends for dinner and catching up. It was fun, I haven’t hung out with one of them in a long time so it was great to hear what’s been going on with her. And, to gossip, of course, because it is impossible for four women to get together and not talk about other women. Impossible.