OK, I’m a bad person. I was just walking down the hall here at work, with the intention of using the ladies room. There was a man and a woman walking right in front of me, and I assumed they were a couple because they were holding hands. The man was wearing sunglasses, but that actually isn’t weird here in my building, where everyone is obsessed with being cool. As I’m walking, I start to get annoyed because the couple is walking soooooooo slow. I slow down my pace so I’m not RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM, and they arrive at the women’s restroom. I thought maybe they were going to let me pass, but then the woman opened the door and started to lead the man in. I immediately thought, “oh my God, they’re gonna get it on in the bathroom! I can’t use the bathroom while they’re in there!” Then I actually LOOKED at the guy, and I realized he was blind. He had the walking stick and everything, it was just kind of folded up. “Then I thought, well, I can still go to the bathroom, he won’t see me.” THEN I remembered the comic (note that I did NOT say movie) Daredevil, and how Matt Murdoc’s other senses were heightened to make up for his blindness. Which would mean that this blind dude would totally hear me pee with complete clarity, and I wasn’t down with that. So I turned and walked past the bathroom, as though that’s where I had been heading all along. Unfortunately, the woman leading him into the bathroom totally saw me change my path, so now she probably thinks I’m a bitch. Oh well. It would just be weird, that’s all I’m saying! I’m glad I have my eyesight. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the disaster that was Christina Haguilera’s outfit at Wango Tango. She looked so cold. But, that’s what happens when you wear practically nothing. I have to say, though, that her stage show has improved greatly since the last time I saw her. FOR A WORK EVENT! I don’t want anyone thinking that I paid money to see her. Anyway, the concert was entertaining, and I had fun with Ashley and Diane, even though I was pretty hung over from the night before. Jell-O shots, anyone? After a crazy weekend, it was so nice to go to Mike’s place and be chill. We played music and cooked on his new BBQ. Yummy!