Oh my God. My day was CRAP yesterday (until I got home). First, I woke up with puffy eyes. That’s because that Stupid Ass Dawson’s Creek with their dying Jen and dying Grams made me cry. When Grams said, “I’ll see you soon,” to Jen after she died, well, you would have cried, too! Jackie cried, we are not afraid to admit it. Even if we yelled, “Fuck you Dawson’s Creek!” on the commercial. Anyway, after I arrived at work, my voice mail wasn’t working so I couldn’t access my messages. Great. While I worked away, my message light taunted me. On my lunch, I went to CostCo and Vons to get my dinner shopping done. I love going to CostCo at lunch time, I fill up on the free samples and it makes me happy. I returned to my office with a full belly, and sat down at my desk to get back to work. My screen was black, but I didn’t think anything of it, I just assumed it was in power save mode. I moved the mouse around, but nothing happened on the screen. I clicked the mouse button, still nothing. So, I hit the power button on my monitor, turning it off then turning it back on. I waited for the image to fade in, when suddenly there was a loud “POP/SNAP” from the back of the monitor. St. Paddy came running into my office, “What was that? Oh, shit, look at your monitor!” I got up, and the top of my monitor, where the ventilation is, was all black. And it smelled. So, after making the monitor pop a few more times, I called tech support, who assured me someone would be out to fix it that day. Which meant I had absolutely nothing to do until the monitor was repaired. I did as much as I could. I attempted a budget WITHOUT a calculator, which was scary, but I couldn’t finish it because some of the figures I needed were on the computer. Then I cleaned my office. Then I sat. I sat at my desk for THREE HOURS with nothing to do, waiting for tech support to come fix my damn broken piece of crap. I wrote memos. I made sure every event was in my palm pilot. I composed haiku. And the tech support people STILL didn’t come. So, at 5:00, I left. And sat in Dodger Stadium traffic and Staples Center traffic. Ah. So nice. I was SO HAPPY to turn into my driveway at home! And my driveway was happy to see me. I made a really yummy dinner last night, chicken enchiladas with rice and beans on the side. I was so proud of myself. Jackie, Bella, and Mike said it was good, which made me happy. Mike went back for seconds! Yay! We also saw the lunar eclipse, which was really cool. It was so romantic…me, Mike…Jackie, Bella. So, it was a good night, a nice way to end a crappy work day. I swear, my computer is out to get me. Next, my printer will die. Or my keyboard. This weekend should be lots of fun, even though I have to follow all my doctor imposed guidelines. Tonight is girls’ night, and tomorrow I’m going to the big KIIS FM concert at the Rose Bowl. Then, on Sunday I’m hanging out with Mike, who totally and completely rocks WAY more than Wango Tango!