Today, my computer is being such a little bitch. I’ve had to restart about 187 times, it send my emails hours late, kicks me off Instant Messenger, and is generally a PIECE OF CRAP. I think it got wind that in a few weeks, I am getting a BRAND NEW hard drive! Yeah! I’m so happy about it, I’m beside myself. I’ve spent all my free time in the last few days saving the stuff I MUST have to disk. I just know there will be one thing I forget, and the computer people won’t switch it over…and all hell will break loose. But, until then, my current computer is determined to make my life miserable. I have piles of work today, but I’ve actually gotten a lot accomplished. I went through my boxes of product (a.k.a. CDs) and actually got it all organized and put away. Now I have a pile of empty boxes in my office, but that’s better than what it was before. I’ve been put in charge of Grammy submissions here for the Music Label. I received all my materials today for this…it will be interesting. I’m getting oriented tomorrow. I hope this means I get to go to the Grammys. Let’s see, what else…well, besides my pile of work, I found it necessary to lay my head on my desk for a moment. A moment that turned into about 15. I wish I felt rested from my little nap. I always wonder if anyone comes into my office when this happens. I think I should tell people I’m narcoleptic. Actually, I had a soda today, and I think that made me crash. And, yes, it had caffeine, but in my defense, they don’t make caffeine free orange soda! Or, if they do, they don’t sell it in my vending machine at work. I needed it! My birthday, in case you were wondering, is only 44 days away. Here is a poem I wrote about it:

My birthday is just days away
A day that’s all for me.
I plan to eat and drink and skip
And maybe climb a tree.

What do I want? My friends all ask
(They’re sweet to want to know).
Well, nothing too unusual:
A giant blonde afro.

I think the ‘fros are glorious
All curly, thick, and high.
If I were to posses one it
Would make me supa fly.

My ‘fro and I could do it all
Stop crime, kick ass, take names,
Yet still find time to grab a drink
And go dance with the dames.

So as I blow my candles out
I wish this for my mane
Please work into a ‘fro for me!
The world we then will reign.