You know, I might actually have something to write about if I ever left my office. Here I am, staring at the screen, and all I can think about is the song that’s playing on the radio (“Ignition” by R. Kelly). I haven’t taken a lunch in a few days now, spanning back to last week. Which means I’m sitting at my desk for nine straight hours, give or take. I really need to make a point to get outside, especially since it’s getting so nice out again. It would behoove me to go for a walk on my lunch: I need to lose about 5-7 pounds by the end of July for the big wedding. So a little exercise wouldn’t kill me now, would it? Actually, I really should get back into the habit of going for walks with Jackie and Woodsy, we did that last year and it was great to get out after work. I’ll have to see what they think. So, tonight is the second-to-last new episode of Buffy. I’m actually taping it because I’ll be having dinner with my two fabulous friends, Brianne and Cat. I’ve decided that there is no better way to watch a show than when you can fast forward through the commercials, or when you can rewind the show in case you missed something. This is crucial for the hard of hearing, like myself. Sometimes the closed captions just don’t get everything. When I watched the Survivor finale on Sunday, not only could I not hear half of it, but I had to sit through commercials. It is so much better to go ahead with your life and let technology make sure you see all your shows. Plus, you waste less time – commercials take up at least eight minutes of time for every thirty minutes of programming. Wow, this has to be one of my most fascinating entries ever.