I had a very nice weekend. I ate out for just about every meal, which was great to my tongue but brutal on my wallet. At the track, I only won 20 cents. On one race. I have the worst luck, this is why I don’t gamble. I brought everyone else good luck, though – one of the people I was with won $86, and Mike won $13.80, which isn’t bad considering he only made a $2 bet! I am the best Good Luck Charm…for everyone but me. I should just accept it. I spent yesterday with my mom and we had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I can’t believe Memorial Day Weekend is in less than two weeks. I can’t wait for a nice, long weekend! It really will be kicking off my summer, I have so much going on that I’m looking forward to. And, the long weekend will be a nice reward for all the different things I’ll be abstaining from leading up to my doctor visit next week. The list of things I can’t have is a mile long. I will have to make up for it over the holiday weekend. Summer…just thinking about it brings up all kinds of things I want to do. Go to the beach, rent jet skies, BBQ, have parties, go for bike rides…just be outside a lot. I love living at the beach in the summer, it opens up so many possibilities.