My brother and I were the cutest kids. But, get a load of the background decor. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn…it is so ’70’s. All browns and oranges and stuff. I remember it all, though. I think if my parents did some switcheroo and that furniture was suddenly back in their house, I wouldn’t notice for a good ten minutes. Well, maybe I would, because now their house is way cuter, all bright and airy. We’re taking her out to dinner tonight for Mother’s Day, and we’ll be joined by that certain person who had something very awesome happen to her at work. Woo Woo! So we have two things to celebrate today. My mom kicks ass, though. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Seriously. Although, according to this article, that won’t be for a few years. Tomorrow I’m going to the races! Mike and a bunch of our friends and I are going to Hollywood Park to watch the ponies. Then, it’s off to Tara’s birthday dinner. She’s getting so old! Hee, just kidding, my birthday is only 40 days after hers. Have I ever talked about my weird ability with dates? I am a savant. It’s weird that I’m so good with knowing what day of the week a certain date is, or how many days it is until a certain event, yet I am so dreadful at all things math. That’s why I’m a savant. But, really, it’s more about having a good memory and an ability to figure out the year and know your leap years…and, you know what? I’m weird, and I don’t want to take away the magic from my dumb party tricks. It’s all I have! Anyway, I would like to conclude this entry with a Haiku I wrote about my mom.

A Haiku For My Rockin’ Mom
I love my mommy
So lovely, smart, and thoughtful
I am so luckyHappy Mother’s Day, Mom!