Cinco de Mayo! Oh, memories. I had one Cinco de Mayo with Woodsy that was rather painful on Seiz de Mayo…but, it was totally worth it. Tonight I’m going out with Mike, etc, and we are getting some yummalicious Mexican food and beverages. Then, I have to prepare for the big Dr. Appointment in the morning. Which should be loads of fun. I can’t wait to get the list of things from the doc that I’m not allowed to eat or drink anymore: no more salt, fried food, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol. Hmm, why don’t you just tell me to be anorexic? Because those are my five food groups, M.D. So I plan on going out with a bang tonight. I wonder if I can get a chocolate margarita, or maybe some fried chocolate chips. I know I’ll have to be responsible with the diet for at LEAST a month to see if these foods have anything to do with my symptoms. Damn. May is gonna suck. And my boss is out sick today, I think he has The SARS. Anyway, my weekend was fabu. The steak place was yummy, and the service was pretty good considering it was their first night open. On Saturday, we had a blast drinking our frozen boozie drinks…but the name of the place has changed. It’s no longer “Chillers,” it’s now “Latitudes.” I guess it’s under new management. They had these little fliers on every table that said, “New Management! New Friendly Servers! New Furniture!” Um, the servers? NOT friendly. And actually, kind of rude and stupid. I am a huge believer in tipping at least 15% no matter how bad the service, but we made an exception in this case. Dumb, dumb people. Yesterday, I dragged Mike shopping with me. He was a good boyfriend and didn’t complain. Then we saw “Identity”. It was good…I didn’t like it until I talked out some parts with Mike, but now looking back, I am enjoying it. I think if I saw it again I would suspend my disbelief at points. Alright, it’s time for drinks and burritos. ¡Fiesta!