One year ago today was the first time I drove my car to work. I purchased it with my very own money one year ago yesterday. If I had only known all the hassles that were going to come from owning that car…well, I really don’t know what I would have done, because I wanted that car so badly, but I definitely would have thought about it a lot longer. I love my car, don’t get me wrong. I saved up for it and make my payments every month, writing my check with a bit of sadness at it’s amount, but a bit of pride that I am actually paying for it and being so responsible. So, twelve payments down, forty eight to go until Charlotte is all mine. Yes, I named my car. It’s a Spyder, so I named the car after the nicest spider of all. And my gramma gave the name her seal of approval, that’s all I needed. I am so, so tired today. My neighbors have started this new hobby where they hang pictures between the hours of 11 PM and 1 AM. I really, really need to school them on apartment building manners. First of all, they’re living room wall shares a wall with my bedroom. The wall that my bed is up against. And what is up against their side of the wall, you ask? Why, their TV and entertainment system! They play the TV so loud that sometimes I have to go out in my own living room and lay on the couch. Their damn TV is so close to my head that if the wall wasn’t there, I’d be able to reach out and turn down the volume from my bed. It’s one thing to watch TV until 2 AM. It’s another thing to be playing race car video games at top volume at 3 AM on a Thursday Morning while you scream with your buddies. I’m not a good sleeper, anyway, so when I am woken up (awaken? awoken?), it’s over for me. I toss and turn for the rest of the night. So, my neighbors need to be paid back. I will figure out a way, somehow. Last night I was on TV! I was at the Dodgers Game, and my seats were fabulous, thanks to Woodsy. There was a foul ball hit right in front of us, and the Dodgers catcher, Paul Lo Duca, ran for it. Since the camera followed him, we were on TV. It was all very exciting. My mom and Leslie’s mom both saw us and called our cell phones immediately. My arms were outstretched for the ball, while the rest of my friends were leaning away from it. That may have had something to do with my comment at the beginning of the night, “We’re so close, our noses could easily get broken several times!” They didn’t think that was as cool as I did. And, after several innings of heckling the Phillies first baseman to toss me a ball, he finally did. Ah, those Philly boys. So accommodating. I would also like to say that interns? Totally rule. And Mike? The best boyfriend ever. The greatest, actually. That is all.