So. I haven’t posted in like a week! I really had the craziest amount of work ever last week, and then you add on a few out-of-office appointments and a half day on Friday, and you have no spare time to post. I was holding down the office fort since my boss was across the country for the week. Of course a bunch of things went wrong. Don’t they always? So I had a couple late nights at work. Or would that be early mornings? It depends on your perspective. I also was working like a mofo because I really wanted to go to Vegas with all of my friends. And since I got everything done, I did! It was a blast. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which is one of my favorites. I’ve stayed there a million times. The first night, Christi got us on the list for Baby’s, the club at the Hard Rock Cafe. It’s a fun club, lots of different dance floors with different types of music. We were out until about 4 in the morning. And, when we got back to the hotel, we had to eat at the 24 hour restaurant, because what trip to Vegas is complete without eating soup at 4 AM? The next day, Christi and Woodsy were rearing to go…Leslie and I wanted to kill them. We spent the day by the pool, then napped in the room until it was dinner time. We ate at the sushi restaurant at The Palms, AKA The Place Alton and Irulan Made Out At A LOT During The Real World. It was yummy! I love me my sushi. Then, we were off to Club Light at the Bellagio. I know, who knew the Bellagio had a dance club? It had GREAT music, I was so happy. It was a great, fun weekend. There was one thing that totally sucked about Vegas, though: TRAFFIC. I have expressed my feelings many times regarding traffic on this website, so I won’t get into it now. But, I have driven to Vegas approx. 187 times, and I have never seen traffic like this. In total, we spent about 14 hours in the car. That is not okay! I was so happy to get home. I had dinner with Mike that night, who didn’t mind that I was gross from sitting in the car for a million hours. He told me I looked good! Awww. He’s the cutest. So, then, yesterday, I was only at work until 2 because I had another Dr.’s appointment regarding my hearing. It is, as I already knew, not great. And I was having a good hearing day yesterday. Oh well. I had to do all these tests, some were cool, some hurt, some were just plain annoying. Anyway, next week I am going in YET AGAIN and speaking with a specialist. I swear, the Dr.’s office must see that I have to pay money on every visit and write on my chart, “MAKE HER COME BACK.” They are making so much money on me. The preliminary diagnosis is Meniere’s Disease. Stupid French People making me deaf. Oh, today is Free Scoop Day at Ben and Jerry’s!