Happy Good Friday! Or, a solemn one, I suppose. And I think Passover is solemn, too. I should have paid attention in those religious history G.E.s in college. Someday, maybe, I will read the bible – REALLY read it. Because I had to read parts of it in class, but like I retained any of that? Riiiight. I took Jewish history in the fall, and I swear, that is the best time to take it because there are a million Jewish holidays in the fall, so we NEVER had class. I got a B in that class, which was pretty good considering a) I was one of like 2 people in that class that wasn’t Jewish, b) I knew nothing about religion at that point, and c) I didn’t pay attention. I wrote good papers. I got an A on every single paper I wrote in college, with the exception of the VERY FIRST paper I wrote, on which I received and F. AN F! I was horrified. I got to re-write it, but I seriously think it damaged my self-esteem when it came to classes that semester, because that was the lowest my GPA EVER was. And, I would like to point out that I actually did nothing to the paper during the re-write except change the font and print it out again. It was a perfectly good paper! I may suck at math, and I’m not so hot when it comes to science, but papers? I OWN papers. And, guess what? I got an A on that non-re-written paper. That professor was such an Ass (note the capital A). He didn’t come back after that semester. Funny how that happened to a lot of my professors. I wonder if my evaluations had anything to do with it. A lot of my fellow students were afraid to be honest in their evaluations because they were convinced that the professors could tell who wrote what based on their handwriting. I was never that stupid, because HELLO all the work we handed in was TYPED. AND, I knew that the professors didn’t get their evaluations until after they turned in grades. I was not one to mince words…call me the Simon Cowell of Professor Evaluations. Today is Good Friday, and I know a ton of people who either took the day off, or were just plain given the day off. Am I off today? No. But half of the NYC office is, and I think only two people came into the LA branch office today, myself included. Oh, my boss DID grace me with his presence for a full three hours today. That means I have seen him for a grand total of FOUR HOURS this month. And he’ll be in NYC for all of next week. I made the grievous error of wearing a dark blue shirt to Best Buy today. When will I ever learn? First the red shirt at Target, now this. I got asked for help FIVE TIMES in the FIVE MINUTES I was there (hey, I knew what I wanted, and I’m not going to say what it was because it’s embarrassing). This Best Buy is so under-staffed that the customers latch on to anyone they think can help them. So I had to tell all these people that I didn’t work there. Except for this one lady, who had a nice face. I pointed her in the direction of the new releases. Because, hey, it IS Good Friday, and Jesus is watching me or whatever. Got to get into heaven. P.S. Jesus, please make sure that the Dodgers win tonight, because the Giants are the Devil’s team and the Devil needs to be put in his place. And also because The Boyfriend will gloat, gloat, gloat, and we can’t have any of that.