I am having one of those days. I have worn close-toed shoes for THREE days in a row. That has got to be some kind of personal record, people. I love my flip flops. I have a billion different pairs, and they are as close to bare feet as I can get. My feet aren’t pleased by my decision to wear boots three days in a row (because it was supposed to rain EVERY DAY this week, yet the only day I wore open shoes was the it rained…hmmph). Even though when I’m sitting at my desk, my shoes are off, leaving my feet to breathe freely. Yet, for some reason, they want to get all swollen anyway. So at lunch time, I put my shoes back on, and I seriously thought I wouldn’t be able to get my feet all the way in. I’ve had these shoes for like four years! I forced them in, and don’t you know they screamed at me the whole time. First I had to walk by the post office, which was more fun on Tuesday, in my opinion. Then I went to the mall, as it is the time of year when 85 of my friends and relatives are celebrating birthdays. I swear, the mall here in Burbank is so junky. It needs a major remodel. And the people there…well, I know it’s spring break this week, so I will cut some slack. It never fails that every time I think that maybe someday kids would be fun, I run into about five nasty teenagers and I think, “eeeewwww…I don’t want that.” I swear, I was not a greasy mall kid. I wasn’t even allowed to wander the mall until I was old enough to drive myself there. I always used to bemoan this fact, but now I think I will probably do the same thing to my future children. Well, maybe not, because a kid’s got to shop, but I will NOT let them look like they haven’t showered in days! I didn’t want to come within ten feet of these kids. So, between the greasy brats and the soccer moms, my will to shop was sapped quickly. Which is strange, because I really do love buying people presents. I love giving. I also love receiving. They are equal on my list of nice things. I left the mall empty-handed. I ought to be able to get stuff for everyone over the weekend, as long as Mike doesn’t mind a quick mall excursion….Since my lunch was almost over, I had to get a quick lunch, so I stopped in Noah’s Bagels to get a bowl of Chicken Soup, which is my latest food obsession. There was a couple in front of me, and they were drinking their iced blended coffee drinks with whipped cream and a cherry on top. When it was their turn to order, the girl ordered a muffin, but the guy started quizzing the girl behind the counter about how they make their salads. Buddy, this is Noah’s Bagels, they are not exactly known for their salads. He wanted to know where the lettuce was from, and how old it was, and all this other stuff. Then, he apologized to the woman behind the counter and said, “sorry to ask so many questions, I’m just on a really strict diet.” What? What diet let’s you drink ice cream coffee drinks with whipped cream on top? THEN Mr. Picky said, “you know what, I’ll just get a sandwich.” What is this mystery diet? It occurs to me now that maybe he has an allergy or something, but he didn’t ask her any questions about what was going into the sandwich. So I think he was just being difficult. Last night I met my friend Brianne for dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, El Cholo. Damn, that food is fine. But I hit SOOOOO much traffic on my way to meet her – I was 45 minutes late! I hate being late, I felt so bad. But it was great to see her, I don’t get to hang out with her as much as I’d like and she’s a super fly person. I’m lucky to have her as my friend! It’s her birthday on Saturday and I’ll be out of town so I won’t be able to hang out with her. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRI! And, I’d just like to add that I just rested my head on my desk for ONE SECOND, but somehow ten minutes passed. How did that happen? I actually got eight hours of sleep last night, why am I so tired?