People are getting to this site in seriously sick ways. Let’s just say that no one doing the nasty with felines here, and I’m pretty certain the lead singer of Destiny’s Child is straight. And even if she wasn’t, I think she’d be into the over-18 crowd. Speaking of freaky, I have had two, count ’em TWO, dreams about Ryan Seacrest in the last week. Please, God, make it stop!!! I simply cannot handle it. I see Ryan twice a week on TV, I hear him on the radio every damn day, now he’s in my dreams?! Torture. No wonder I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately – my subconscious is trying to save me! Not that I don’t think Ryan isn’t totally “krunk” or whatever, but enough is enough. Tonight’s theme on American Idol is “Billy Joel.” I know it’s unpopular, but I love Billy Joel, so I’m excited. It will suck to hear the songs butchered, but I don’t care. I’ll sing along and drown out the bad kids. The guest judge tonight is Smokey Robinson. Why, because he’s such a big Billy Joel fan? I don’t get it. Not like this show is known for making sense. And, just to keep with the theme, I bought the Kelly Clarkson CD today, Thankful. Kids, it’s pretty good. She has such a good voice. I will even overlook the fact that Christina Haguilera co-wrote the single, “Miss Independent,” with Kelly. Why Hag, man? I know, I know, she’s talented, even if she is so nasty. Hag, not Kelly. Kelly is talented and emphatically the opposite of nasty. I also bought the Limited Edition Fleetwood Mac CD, Say You Will. I’m going to listen to it on my drive home. I love me my music!