I have been looking for a shirt that will proclaim my love and affection for the Dodgers (the Greatest Baseball Team in the History of the Universe), while still being cute and stylish. As I’ve mentioned at least 837 times, I’m smallish, so it’s hard for me to find a shirt that fits properly. I usually go to the boys’ section of my local shopping establishments to find a top. Today, as I was walking through the aisles of clothing, I realized that most T-shirt manufacturers don’t make sports team shirts for women. What gives? I think this is an untapped market. I know that when you go to sporting events, they have a plethora of shirts for women. But what about when I’m not at the stadium? What if the urge strikes me to buy a shirt, and I want to go to Sports Chalet, or Target, or All Pro Sports? Get on the ball here, licensing people! Or, maybe I’ll team up with Christy and we’ll do this ourselves. I bet we could make a good five or ten bucks with this business. Or not, because I’m lazy. So lazy that I’ve totally given over to online banking. I was already paying all my bills online, but I’ve stopped keeping a checkbook register now, completely relying on the B of A website to tell me what my balance is. This is dangerous. I know. I think that next month, I’ll wait until everything evens out, then start keeping track again. Ha ha ha, that’s so funny to me to think that I’ll actually do that. But a girl can dream. I’ve had the worst memory lately. Besides completely forgetting about entire trips, I’m forgetting a lot of little things. For example, I am always SO GOOD at paying my bills. I always pay them the day after they arrive in the mail. But for some reason, I keep forgetting to do that. I paid my cell phone bill eight days late. I think they’re going to send Catherine Zeta-Jones over to kick my ass. And I keep forgetting other little things, which escape me now. SEE?!?!?! So forgetful. As far as my Dr.’s appointment yesterday, no blood was taken! YAY! Everything went pretty well, if you consider hearing loss to be a good thing. Oh, you don’t? Yeah, I had a hearing test, and the nurse was HORRIFIED with my results. Nothing like seeing a 60 year old woman look at you with alarm. I think her exact words were, “You have horrible hearing for someone your age. You’ve lost a significant amount of hearing ability in each ear,” and imagine her saying that to you while her face looks all concerned and appalled. It was fun. My scores were about 15-30 points lower than they should be. So I get to make a special visit to a special hearing Doc in the next few weeks. Oh boy! Well, it’s time out of the office…so at least I can see the silver lining, even if I can’t hear the pretty harp noises it brings.