While I’m on the subject of names, I was thinking about how many names I answer to. If someone were to actually call me any of the fake names I listed yesterday, I wouldn’t respond, because that’s not my name. Yet, besides my different nicknames, there are probably about 15 other names that, when said, would get my attention. I still look up at my mom and dad’s names, my brother’s name, boyfriend’s name, the names of EVERY ROOMMATE I EVER HAD (all ten of them), my best friend, and about four more of my friends’ names. So, actually, I respond to nineteen different names, save my own. I should start using those when I want some excitement. And I’m sure to get a reaction when I use the male names. I’m leaving work early today, at 1:30, because I have a Doctor’s Appointment out in BFE, I mean, Thousand Oaks. I really need to call and get my doctor changed to a closer location. Usually when I make an appointment, it’s for a physical so I ask for a woman, or it’s an emergency so I take whoever I can get. But today, I am actually seeing the man who is my official doctor. I haven’t seen him in years, literally. Maybe since high school. A long time. I wonder if he looks different? I wonder if he’ll even remember who the hell I am. I hope they don’t take blood today. I’m not afraid of blood, or even needles, really. But I don’t like the IDEA of blood being taken out of my body. It’s supposed to stay in my body, that’s why I have skin. So, keep your fingers crossed. Above: Mike is an angry cowboy.