Five days is a long time to not update this mutha. I was out of the office on Thursday, and then I was sick on Friday. A bad, horrible, vomit-inducing headache, among other things, was to blame for that one. So I was away from my desk and my evil work computer, and I didn’t feel like touching anything but my bed when I was at home. Anyway, I’m back now, isn’t that lucky. I always had this theory about evening traffic in Los Angeles: when the sun is up, there is less traffic. I base this theory on last October, when traffic was bad, but it never took me more than an hour to get home…until Daylight Savings ended and we went back to Pacific Standard time. Then suddenly, people forgot how to drive, like they didn’t know how to get home without the sun as a guide. Every damn night in October, it took me at LEAST an hour and a half to drive home. So we’ll see if it’s like that tonight. I’m wearing my glasses today, which automatically puts me in a bad mood, so if it takes me a long time to get back to my apartment, there is going to be hell to pay. And now I’m hearing on the radio that the damn Dodgers lost their home opener. Criminy. What is WITH this day? Everything was going wrong at work, and I had so much to do since I was out last week. My eyes are bothering me, hence the glasses. And I have no food in my apartment! Although, that’s nothing new. I never have food in the place. Okay, deep breaths. I can stop at the store on my way home and get something to eat. Preferably something easy. Ooh! I think I’ll get some tortilla soup, that sounds really good right now. Gah, I really have nothing to talk about today. I just have the Monday Blahs. And I just spent soooo long working on the terrorizing website, which will still remain nameless and link-less because it’s still not making me happy. Man, I hope Seventh Heaven is new tonight, because I really need to unload some bitterness and those dumb Camdens are the perfect target. Okay, this is such a crappy entry. I will be funky fresh tomorrow, kids.