I‘m back from my long weekend in Arizona. It was so much fun to kick back in the sun, watching spring training games and drinking beer. I love baseball! Opening day is in just six short days. I can’t wait to hear Vin Scully’s voice. I get chills every time. But, unfortunately, the weekend was far too short for my taste. After a seven hour drive out there, it occurred to me that maybe I should have taken two days off of work instead of just one. I got to hang out with Mike’s family, which was great, and we had fun when it was “kids’ night out.” JD’s Tonight! JD’s Tonight! JD’s was the name of the sports pub on the grounds of our hotel. They got to know us there. We also ate at a cool restaurant called “Pinnacle Peak,” one of those meat and potatoes places where they cut off your tie if you dare wear one inside. Good food and fun people there, although I always forget that there is a smoking section in restaurants outside of Cali. I was sad to leave them all in Arizona yesterday, not only because I had fun, but because that meant I had to make the drive back to LA alone. I am never, never, never doing that again. As much as I like rocking out in my car by myself, I like company more. And even though our drive out there was stressful at first with all of the traffic, I very much enjoyed driving to Phoenix with Mike. He rules. The most important thing that happened over the weekend, besides, of course,“Shock and Awe,” (say it fast!), was the Academy Awards. I brought great honor to my family by tying for first in my Oscar pool. I got 16 points! Woo and hoo! These were the best Oscars I can remember. Or, maybe the reason why I think that is because I was drinking wine during these Oscars and normally I don’t? Who knows, the point is that everyone looked pretty (except skin and bones Renee), and I WON THE POOL. Yee Haw! What did I win, you ask? Why, I won rounds at JD’s! Three rounds on other people. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Of course, we didn’t stop at three rounds. On top of the wine we drank during the show. I’m sure that has nothing to do with why my drive sucked yesterday. Nothing at all.

Above is a picture of me before we celebrated St. Patty’s day. I was about half-way dressed for the occasion. Two things I’d like to point out in that picture: 1) Even though I’m standing on a tall stool, my head still does not touch the ceiling, even with a hat that is a foot tall. 2) I hadn’t even been drinking, yet I allowed Kimbrough to take that picture. Man.