03.13.2003 – – – 10:35 AM
Wooooo-eeeee! I had quite a day yesterday. I love it when I’m in bed at the end of the day, thinking back on the last 12 hours, and I have TWO cool stories to tell.

On my way to work yesterday, I was listening to my favorite morning radio show, Jamie and Danny. Jamie was telling a story about a man who had been attacked by his pet cat, completely out of nowhere. The man was chased into his bathroom, where he CALLED THE POLICE on his cell phone. The police and Animal Control came and took care of the cat. This made me think of a story that my best friend had told me the day before: her little sister was attacked by their two cats a few days earlier. Like, the cats were chasing her and biting and scratching and everything. I guess they had been staring at her for days, which is soooo creepy, and then they just snapped when she was feeding them. And they totally got her good – I guess she was really bloody and bruised after it happened. So I called in and told the story, and how they put the cats to sleep after it happened. Danny thought that was awesome. They put the cats to sleep because I guess this isn’t the first time they’ve attacked someone, and they have lots of little kids around the house that wouldn’t be able to defend themselves. But then, aaaaallllll these people called in with attack stories, and they had all happened within the last few weeks. I think the cats know something we don’t. I’ve never trusted cats, and now I feel somewhat vindicated in my long-term stance that cats are evil. I have really good luck when it comes to radio stations. This is the third time I’ve been on the air with Jamie and Danny, and my voice has been on three of the major stations in L.A. I also get weird song vibes, like I’ll be thinking about a song, then change the station and BOOM there it is. But, my best luck comes with contests. I’ve won lots of CDs and concert tickets. Last September, Ryan Seacrest was giving away tickets to the American Idol finale on his radio show. When I saw how much tickets were going for on ebay, I told my mom, “I’m going to call in and win tickets.” The next day, I called in and won. And I got a pretty penny for those tickets on ebay! Being a radio star is one of my hidden talents…my roommates are enlisting me to call in next week about a party we want to have. I’ll write about it if it actually happens.

The other thing that happened yesterday was pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. I went into the studio yesterday afternoon to do my work thing. When I got there, I found out that Steve Perry was there and he was going to do a vocal on one of the songs. Steve Perry, as in the former lead singer from Journey. It was so cool to meet him and hear him recording the vocals on a track. Sometimes when he would hit a note a certain way, I would think to myself, “That’s Open Arms!” or, “I’m forever your-orrrs, Faithfully!” As he sang a certain part, I said to the guys in the control room, “I liked that take, it was sexy.” So the engineer got on the microphone to Steve and said, “Heather just gave that her seal of approval,” to which Steve replied, “her’s is the only opinion that counts, I gave her my seal of approval twenty minutes ago.” Oooooh! I acted all casual about it, but I was definitely slightly grossed out, yet mostly pleased. A rock star gave me his seal of approval! Yee haw, that’s kind of neat! And how cute is Mike who said, after hearing the story, “I gave you my seal of approval a long time ago.” Awwww….! Even though I’m apparently getting approval all over the place, his is all I care about.