I really hate Mondays. I hate thinking about how great my weekend was when I know that the next one is five days away. This last weekend was great. It was so mellow, I chilled with Mike all weekend. On Friday night, my parents took us out to dinner and that was really nice – yummy food and good margaritas. On Saturday we ran errands, then went to a birthday party for our friend Nora, which was lots of fun. On Sunday we read the paper, talked, and made a nice dinner of Cajun shrimp and artichokes. It was nice to be so relaxed, because this week is going to be crazy for me. We’ve started working on a new recording project at work, so I’ll be in the studio a lot. On Thursday, one of my friends is coming from San Francisco for a weekend visit. And, this weekend is dedicated to St. Patrick. Hermosa Beach goes crazy for the holiday. There is a parade, street parties, and a festival that closes the pier and several parking lots. It’s such a blast, it’s part of the reason why my friend is coming this weekend. And I know we’ll have lots of people staying with us. And, the week after that, it’s more studio time, followed by a road trip to Spring Training in Arizona. So, you can see why I wish today was NOT Monday – I have a lot to look forward to! And, it’s a gorgeous day outside. Why do I have to be cooped up at a desk on a day like this? It should be against the law. I’m so pasty white right now. I know this is good, because of UV Rays and skin cancer and all of that. But I haven’t even applied self tanner in eons, so I’m looking as Irish as I am. So, I’m throwing that on the agenda for the weekend, too! Lots of sun time! Woo Hoo!