Oh man, everything is pissing me off today. I don’t know why. One of my friends gave up complaining for Lent. I know that’s something I should do, but two things come to mind: first, there is no way I could go through the day not complaining. What would I talk about? Second, I would break my complaint ban in about an hour, then feel guilty about my impending trip to hell, then complain about it. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s a bunch of little things today. And it’s not like I’m in a bad mood, really. I feel pleasant enough. But man, some things are really under my skin today.

1) My internet connection. It quickly jumped to the top of my list today. My company got a new server for the L.A. region two weekends ago, and ever since then my connection goes in and out on me. It’s so annoying. I was going to update here sooner, but NOOOOOO, I couldn’t connect to the internet. I expect that when I’m at home, on my dial-up modem. But on on a NETWORK?! Damn you.

2) My skin has been totally freaking out lately, and nothing I am doing is making it better. As soon as one giant pimple goes away, another one pops up. It’s like the pimple is just migrating around on my face. I normally have good skin, so I am flabbergasted by this. And annoyed, did I mention that?

3) While I’m on the subject of my appearance, I would also like to talk about my nails and hair. My nails grow well, and I don’t bite them or pick them. But they keep breaking really low, next to the cuticle in many cases. That’s just plain painful, people. And it looks bad. And my hair. *sigh* I am vain about my hair. It is the one thing that always does what I want it to. I treat it nice. I buy it nice shampoos and conditioners, I brush it, I love it. And it repays me by having these weird flyaway strands that stick straight up on the top of my head. There are tons! And every possible style has flyaways, no matter where the part is, no matter if my hair is down or up. Hairspray is no match for these babies.

4) So, two days ago I asked this woman to send me some information on an album we are working on. I needed to know how much money we had spent so far. An annoying question, but one that is solved in about 10 minutes with a calculator. It took her TWO DAYS to get back to me. Meanwhile, other people were like, “What the hell? How much have we spent?” and I had to keep saying that I didn’t know, which made me feel stupid. I hate feeling stupid. So I sent the woman an email saying if she didn’t get back to me within the hour, I was going to take over the duties from her. She totally called my bluff – she didn’t call back for two more hours. I’m not going to take her duties from her, though, her job sucks! Hee.

5) I was listening to local radio here, and the DJ was talking about Crispin Glover and his new movie. This DJ does a “Totally 80’s” request show every day, so one would think she knows something about that time period, no? Well, she says, AND I QUOTE, “You know Crispin Glover, he played Michael J. Fox’s dad in the Back To The Future movies, George MCCLOUD.” What? MCCLOUD? I wanted to call her up and say, “HELLO MCFLY!” I know that those movies are some of my favs, but my GOD! How could she get that name wrong? His first name I would have forgiven, but not McFly. That is the family name! I turned on a CD immediately to drown out her voice (Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. Still damn good!).

6) I keep getting weird songs stuck in my head. Getting a song stuck in my head is nothing new, in fact, it’s normally a good thing. But the “Inspector Gadget” song? The “Chili’s” song that those two lame neighbors sing in that commercial? ARG! Both of these songs are now grappling for a prime position in my head! Quick, where isRumours?!

But, seriously, like I said, it’s not that I’m in a bad mood. It’s Thursday! Yay! Good TV is on tonight, I GET PAID at midnight, and tomorrow is my year anniversary with the company. Stevie Nicks was on the radio earlier and I got to hear Fleetwood Mac’s new single. And I have a super life and friends and family that love me and blah blah blah. I know this. Hey, it’s almost time to go home! That makes me happy! It’s just…I guess I’m very close to the edge today, and these things have threatened to push me over, but they didn’t. See, I’m a glass is half full kind of person. Oooh…it would be nice if my glass was half full of wine tonight. That would kick. I’m still positive, mom! Don’t worry!