My crazy days are finally coming to an end. And by an end, I mean for this week. Lots of mad driving around: From Burbank to San Diego to Mission Hills to Hermosa Beach to Downtown LA to Burbank to Hollywood. And crazy hours! But, everything was extremely successful.Mindi’s performance at the Border’s Books and Music was AWESOME. The crowd was large (around 200-250), and they were feeling it. They didn’t want her to stop playing! She ended up signing 140 CDs. After that, I got to spend time with my fabulous aunt and uncle who live in El Cajon. Yesterday was the big release party. Again, the turnout was great. I arrived at 5:30 for a 7:30 show, and people were already lined up outside the club waiting to get in. There was an evil bitch outside guarding the club. I told her who I was, and that I worked for the label and needed to go inside. She said back to me, “That’s what they all say,” and I was like, excuuuuuse me? You’d better let me in, or you will find the business end of my foot in your ass. But she didn’t. So I had to call my boss to have him come out to the front of the club to let me in. Times like this are when I get really pissed about not having a work ID. I need to get on that. Well, more specifically, HR needs to get on that. Any. Way. The crowd was dancing and cheering like nobody’s business, it was really fun. Mindi was en fuego, baby! It was also cool to hang out with a lot of my New York based co-workers who came out for the party. They are cool peeps. And, a bunch of my friends came, so we all had a time. Lots of drink tickets and VIP treatment. Gotta love it. I am SO looking forward to doing nothing tonight, though. It’s been a week since I had a nice, normal night at home without going out or having work to do. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to bed at a decent hour. Lack of sleep makes you do dumb things. Just little mistakes, things like that. I don’t know why the days when I am so tired I can’t think straight are the days I always do expenses or balance my checkbook. Maybe my resistance is worn down or something. I’m excited for the weekend, too. Is it so wrong that I want to sit on my ass as much as possible? On Sunday morning, Jackie the Magnificent and I are handing out water to crazy people. Crazy people being those INSANE enough to think running a marathon is fun! And yes Jackie, I mean you. Although, I give you props because you raised money for a good cause. BUT. You are still insane. Above, Bella and I try to get the attention of a taxi driver.