Oh my God. I feel sick to my stomach right now. I just got back from lunch a little while ago, and it just filled me to the brim. It’s not even like I ate a lot – it was just a chicken sandwich. But DUDE! I feel all full up right now, straight like a pig. I hate the feeling of having too much food in my stomach. But really, there could be worse problems. I had an email this morning from our office director telling me that everyone had to sign off the network by 4 PM because our branch is changing servers. Which to me is a pass to go home early. What the heck am I going to do for two hours without internet access? Sure, I could clean my office, but why would I want to do that? I like my office full of boxes. Fridays aren’t meant for office cleaning. Or cleaning of any kind, for that matter. I think tonight I’m just going to take it easy. I was supposed to go out dancing with a group of friends, but I actually have a headache right now, and I don’t think loud music is going to make it go away. Boy, I should just get out the tiny violins with my stomach pain and headache! But it would be nice to catch up on all my Thursday night shows, I didn’t see any of them last night. Wow, these computer people mean business! I just got a message on my screen that I had only 10 minutes until my access was shut off. Hmmm…maybe I should finish my work? Nah, it will still be there on Monday. I’m gearing up for a big week next week. I have a work trip to San Diego on Tuesday, a release party on Wednesday, and a ton of album prep work to do. I like being busy, though, so I’m excited. Okay, I just got another message from the server so I have to split. Have a good weekend! Woo hoo, TGIF!!!