Stupid bills. I hate them so much. I miss being a kid, when I didn’t even know what a credit card or a loan was. I was talking with my friends at work about this…but you know, what good is wishing I was still a kid going to do? I find complaining makes me feel much better. Besides, kids can’t do a lot of the things that I enjoy on a regular basis. Although, they can play in those cool McDonalds Play Places that they didn’t have when I was a kid. I get really bitter about all the cool new things that kids have. But, someday in a million years I may have kids, and then I can just buy the crap for them and keep it for myself. And when the kids have jobs, they can buy their own toys. I’m still sore from running that race on Saturday. Although, it’s a good sore now. I can actually navigate stairs without crippling pain shooting through my legs. Jackie and I felt cheated by the lack of a Finisher T-Shirt. Yes, we got a cool Dry-Fit race shirt. Yes, we got a cool medal that was shaped like a CD. Yes, we got Krispy Kremes and balance bars and bagels. And a webpage with our picture on it. But I wanted my finisher shirt, man! Damn you, Nike!