What happened to my weekend?! I can’t believe it is already Tuesday. It flew by, yo! Let’s see, Friday was Valentines Day. I had a yummy seafood dinner with Mike. He also bought me roses and candy. Isn’t he the sweetest?! It was great food, and a very nice restaurant, I enjoyed myself very much. The next day, Jackie and I had to pick up our race shirts. We were at the Nike Town on Wilshire at Rodeo Drive, right in the heart of Beverly Hills. Across the street from us was the Regent Beverly Wilshire, and catty-corner was a giant Tiffany & Co. Jackie and I decided to check out both places, even though we were both dressed like total scrubs. When we walked around in Tiffany, do you think the security guards were watching the well-dressed rich people? No. They definitely thought that we were going to snatch something. We got the same looks at the Reeg Bev Wil. So we left quickly. The race was the next morning and it was a blast. Jackie and I finished in 40:51, which is pretty damn good considering we stopped to dance to the bands at every mile. And good since we didn’t prepare for the race at all. Not one single jog. But man, two days later and I am still sore! That’s what I get. My parents were cool cats and took us out to breakfast after. Woo hoo, free food! OH! On Sunday night, I saw a sneak for the best movie ever – OLD SCHOOL. Seriously? Completely awesome. I’m totally going to see it again when it comes out on Friday. Yesterday, I had lunch with my mom and her friend, then it was off to Sharkeez for a happy hour party. Where we all proceeded to drink waaaaaaaay too much. But it was worth it! And there was free food at that, too! I love me some free food. So I’m back at work, and I’m just wishing I had my long weekend in front of me again. I don’t get any more long weekends until May. That’s right, MAY! How ever will I survive?