Finally the rain is ebbing. Only after flooding a million different places in So Cali. This place is just not built for excessive amounts of precipitation. And the weather dudes are saying this is the first El Niño storm of the season. AWESOME. I hope if that’s true, everyone learns how to drive in the rain and then I don’t have to kill anyone. I really like how green everything gets after the rain – some of the hills out by where my parents live could be transplants from Ireland. I’m just glad that the rain is supposed to be totally gone by tomorrow night. Rain would not go well with my kicking V-Day outfit. Since it’s just been misting outside all day, I felt that it was alright for me to venture out today on my lunch. So I went to this Shi Shi (or is it Chi Chi? I never know, being an impostor) salon in Beverly Hills to inflict pain upon myself: I got my eyebrows done. Tweezing, followed by waxing, followed by more tweezing. Why do women do this to themselves? Oh, I know, because the end result is FAAAA-bulous! I kind of have a crush on my new eyebrows. I hardly ever do that stuff, so every now and then I treat myself to an unnecessary beauty procedure. And this place in the BH is supposed to be the Be All and End All of eyebrow places. AND, noting my new eyebrow crush, I would have to agree. I am so tired today. Last night I went to a Karaoke Bar. I went there telling myself that I wouldn’t stay long, since I had a headache and have a big weekend coming up. I ended up closing the place. The group there was very fun, lots of great songs. I chose a Britney Spears theme for my songs: at first I was “Just a Girl,” but then I became a “Natural Woman.” Complete with Natural Women (Erica and Lisa) AND Drag Queens singing back up for me! I could have died happy. “Debbie” made lots of cracks about being an un-natural woman that kept making me laugh during my song. Stuff about her penis. Or his. Whatever, the point was that it was dirty and funny, and that totally appeals to my sense of humor. But, since we closed the place, I am paying the price today. I can hardly keep my eyes open. That’s what happens when you go to bed at 3 AM! Bad Heather. The next two weeks are going to be full of late nights. I’m already mourning my future loss of sleep. I just can’t go out the way I used to back when I was a young whipper snapper!