Ahhh, Friday. Fridays used to be my day off, before I started my adult job. Wait, that sounds weird. Before I started my grown-up, 9 to 5 job withbenefits and a 401(k). Not that I’m putting any money into my 401(k), but I digress. Anyway, before I was at this job, I always had Fridays off. I loved it. I loved being able to lazy around all day, or do my errands, or go to the beach or the Farmers’ Market. I would always get a tamale at my Farmers’ Market. The Gourmet Tamale Company makes the best tamales I have ever tasted. I think that’s what I miss about my Fridays the most – they are now tamale-free. Yes, I miss them more than I miss watching TV all day, more than I miss sleeping until 1. I often find myself thinking of reasons why I can leave work early or come in late on Fridays so I can get a sweet, sweet tamale. It’s crazy what good food can do to you. BUT! I found out not too long ago that The Gourmet Tamale Company is opening a store not far from where my boyfriend lives. Dude, I will eat there every day. I will be their best customer, and they will name their children after me. Or, at the very least, a yummy tamale. In other news, I’m so glad it’s Friday. I have been so out of it today. I was giving someone directions to my office, and I not only gave the wrong street name once, but twice. Thank goodness the man was smarter than I was. Then I poured water into my printer. Don’t ask, because I can not explain it. I’m afraid to see if it still works. I chose to wait until Monday when I will have forgotten about the water incident, and I will press “print” and not fear electrocution. And, if I don’t post on Monday, that is why. P.S. What the hell is the tamale doing in this picture? Is he bowling? Is he a bandit? Is he a bandit bowler superhero?