It’s the last day of January, and it’s 90 degrees outside. According to The Weather Channel, it only feels like 88 degrees. Okay, whatever, it’s still hot out! It’s a record-breaking here in California – the hottest January ever. Every time I think I want to live somewhere else, I get a reminder like this of how great So Cali is. I love the weather and how I can wear a skirt and flip flops year-round. Especially since all my co-workers in NYC are all bundled up! I love rubbing it in their faces. I know it’s supposed to cool down a bit for the weekend, but I still can’t complain about a 72 degree day in February. I’ll go to the beach for sure! And I’ll sit on my balcony with a drink in my hand, gaze at the beach, and be glad that I live where I do. TGIF!