Television tonight rules! So much drama and intrigue, and the last one electrified the nation! No, I’m not talking about American Idol 2! It’s the State of the Union Address! And I’m so excited about watching it that I’m still sitting at my desk a mere 12 minutes before it starts! Um…so, obviously I’m kidding. I’ll listen to it in my car, and it will annoy me, and then I’ll put on my Dusty Springfield CD and sing along to “Son of a Preacher Man.” And then, I will OF COURSE watch the aforementioned American Idol. As EVERY SINGLE DAMN COMMERCIAL BREAK ON EVERY SINGLE DAMN RADIO STATION has told me, tonight we will discover the identity of the worst singer in the world! Man, I’m on pins and needles. The biggest news over my weekend was that I got my car back! YAY! And then I got so drunk on Saturday that I couldn’t drive it. But I did stare at it adoringly through my window. It’s purty. Gotta split, it’s time for Georgie’s speech.