I‘m having one of those days. Today, it’s an unproductive one. I’m all spacey and I keep making stupid mistakes on my work. I can’t answer simple questions like, “What time will you get here?” It’s all gibberish! I’m sure it will pass, and tomorrow will become one of those days where I trip a lot or something. Last night I was asked by the owner of the bar I used to work at if I could help them run a promo. The girl who was supposed to run it didn’t show up. The owner said if I did it, he’d give me a $30 tab for food and drinks, or 20 bucks cash money. I’m no fool, I took the tab. Anyway, I said I would help them out. All I had to do was walk around the place for an hour gathering up patrons’ names and email addresses for a drawing to win a free bar tab. Easy as pie, I used to run stuff like that all the time when I worked there. So I did my thing, gathering up entries, when the girl showed up. And not just any girl. Brynn from The Real World, Las Vegas. I didn’t realize that I was working her job until I was done and the owner told me. So, I totally stole Brynn’s gig, AND the owner said that I did a good job and I could help them next week, too. I’ll see about that. I don’t want to mess with Brynn, she’s tough. And I like her, from what I’ve seen on RW. But, I like getting bar tabs, too.