I needed to take a break from unpacking/sorting/purging/washing, so when my dad told me about a place not too far from the new house that hosts a kids’ activity doodad every week, I grabbed Annie and away we went. Yesterday’s kids’ activity doodad featured a DJ for kids. Perfect, Annie loves dancing. Or so I thought.

Problem Number 1: The doodad was outdoors, and the minimal amount of shade was taken. Normally not a big deal, except I haven’t unpacked the sunscreen and it was REALLY hot.

Problem Number 2: Inexplicably, the lawn was still wet, even in the heat. I found this out after I sat down.

Problem 3: My camera decided to completely stop working as soon as we got there. It made me super grumpy.

Problem 4: Annie totally wigged out. She clung to me, hung back, and generally wanted NOTHING to do with the doodad.

This last problem was more troubling to me, because it’s so unlike her. Take this picture:


As recently as last week there was no way Annie would have sat in someone’s lap when there was music playing. To be fair, she did consider dancing:

thinking about dancing

strike a pose

But after a few seconds she’d plop right back down. I thought maybe letting her roam free might make a difference, so I scooped her up and took her to the back of the plaza. Jackpot – for Annie. She could still hear the music, so I expected her to quickly get over the isolation and run back to the crowd.

dancing alone

She never did.

Is this a typical phase kids go through? I LOVE my friendly, outgoing girl and I want her back!