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Surfing Sunday 7.19

I took the kids to the beach last week to get a change of scenery. They spent HOURS in the water – James literally only left the water because I forced him to eat. The ocean is like 62-63 degrees (I think that’s like 17ish in Celcius), too cold for my wimpy self without a…

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Surfing Sunday 7.12

During quarantine, we’ve seen family, but always outside and always at least six feet apart. This weekend, after months of waving from a distance, we let my kids and my cousin Leah’s kids get close enough to each other to play and hug. Annie and Harper wasted no time. These two are so cute together….

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Surfing Sunday 7.04

I hope everyone had a happy and safe July 4th, wherever you are. The four of us had ourselves a nice little day at home where we barbequed, played in a sprinkler, and set off noisemakers in our yard. Not that we really needed to set off noisemakers – so many people in our city…

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Surfing Sunday 6.28

It was my birthday yesterday, I’m officially 41! Mike and the kids put together a great quarantine birthday for me with thoughtful presents, delicious food, and lots of love and attention. I heard from my family and tons of friends, and felt very loved and special. We all know I LOVE gifts, but getting those…

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Surfing Sunday 6.14

My kids are now officially on summer break. It was hard to say goodbye to this school year, as weird as it was. I’m really proud of the way my kids adapted to distance learning, but we missed their teachers terribly. I’m excited for the next school year, no matter how it will look, and…

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