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Surfing Sunday 11.01

Friends! The Spohr house hasn’t been this busy since February. We’ve been carefully and cautiously venturing out into the world, trying to remember what the “real” world is like. Our county is doing very well containing Covid-19, so well that the schools will be opening in a week and some youth sports are back (with…

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Why I’m Voting YES on Prop 22

My first experience with a truly functional public transportation system happened in my 20’s living in New York City. The notion that a subway or a bus could take me almost anywhere I needed to go was mindblowing. I never worried about how my friends and I would get home from a bar.  I never had…

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Surfing Sunday 10.11

Time is flying – somehow, the sweet baby of the family, Harper, is two years old today! She’s so sweet and such a FORCE. With Annie and James refusing to stop growing older, my niece turning 11 last month, and my nephews in their teens, it’s really fun to have a toddler (and her 4.5…

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Surfing Sunday 9.27

The kids had picture day at school at couple weeks ago. It was very different than usual (obviously). No class picture, just individual photos of each kid. Annie and James had an assigned time to show up, and the photographers were set up outside the school in tents. They wore masks until it was time…

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Surfing Sunday 9.13

It’s scary times with the horrible fires raging on the west coast right now. We personally are safe from danger and hopefully, that will continue. The amount of smoke is absolutely astounding. The air is tinted with smoke, turning the sun a strange red color. We’ve been staying inside as much as possible to avoid…

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