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The day our local Halloween store opened, we just so happened to be at the shopping plaza where it’s located. If you remember from two years ago, James LOVES Halloween stores. Luckily, Annabel isn’t scared of the spooky displays anymore, so we went inside and let them explore the decor. (If you can’t see the…

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There Actually Are Things We Can Do About Gun Violence

I knew after my last post that I’d get some people saying, “But WHAT can we do? What laws or regulations would stop gun violence?” Well, I made a list of suggestions. Let’s make one thing clear from the start – no law or regulation will stop all crime. The point of common-sense gun regulations…

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Stop Making Excuses

Here I am, again, struggling with what to say after yet another mass shooting in this country. Since I wrote about the horrific mass-murder at the Pulse Nightclub in June of 2016, there have been 521 mass shootings. In four-hundred-something days, 585 people have been killed and 2,156 have been injured in mass shootings. I am…

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Surfing Sunday 10.01

It’s October, yay! I am excited to start putting up my Halloween decorations today. I haven’t had the best few weeks, so I am going to be working on getting my mojo back with some crafting this month. I always seem to fall away from the things that make me happy when I’m not doing…

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Itsa Mario At Disneyland Yahoo!

We’ve been going to the Disneyland Halloween Party for years – we even went with Maddie back in 2008. We weren’t able to swing it in 2016, so we were especially excited to go this year. As for our group costume, when James asked Mike if he’d go as the Luigi to his Mario, we…

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