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Surfing Sunday 01.07

Happy New Year! We had a nice New Year’s Eve. Our party plans fell through, so we stayed home and celebrated as a family. Annie insisted that we “get fancy,” so she and I put on sparkly clothes and did each other’s hair and makeup. She gave me a LOT of gold glitter eyeshadow, which…

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Christmas Delights

Welp. Christmas is over and it’s 2018. The outdoor lights and decorations are down and put away, and now I just have to pack up all the tree ornaments. Yes it’s January 4th and my tree is still up but it’s artificial and I had a migraine yesterday and STOP JUDGING ME I WILL TAKE…

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Surfing Sunday 12.31

I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2017! This has been the longest-shortest year ever. We had a wonderful Christmas and week off. Mike, the kids, and I have had a great time together, watching movies, playing with new toys, and teaching the kids how to ride bikes. It’s back to “real life” for…

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Surfing Sunday 12.24

Merry Christmas Eve! 97% of the presents are wrapped, 50% of the house is clean, and I have 0% motivation to do anything other than snuggle on the couch and watch Christmas movies. Annie just spent the last 20 minutes telling me how sad she is that it’s already Christmas Eve because that means, “Christmas…

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Mike and I didn’t do anything big for our tenth wedding anniversary last year due to a variety of factors, but we swore we’d make up for it this year. After having a ridiculously busy fall, we desperately needed to get away for a few days, just the two of us. With our anniversary falling…

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