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Four Eyes

Last week, one of Annabel’s teachers pulled me aside to ask me when the last time Annie had her eyes checked. She and her co-teacher had noticed Annie squinting at the board and putting her head on her desk when she was writing. I hadn’t noticed any of these behaviors at home, but I wasn’t…

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All American

Annabel is still very into American Girl dolls, which I have made peace with. I wish they (and their accessories) weren’t so damn expensive, but considering she plays with the dolls almost every day I’d say they were a good investment. And to be fair, I personally haven’t spent much money on the things – Annie…

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Surfing Sunday 03.12

Sorry for the light posting this week! I actually started a new writing gig on Monday, and I spent the majority of my writing time getting the lay of the land. I’m now writing at Mommyish, a fun pop culture parenting site. Some of you who follow my Facebook page might have noticed I shared…

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Monkeying Around

James is absolutely obsessed with this video right now. He loves to play it on repeat and dance along, “with the monkey and baby Annie!” If you can’t see the video above, click here. I wish we still had that Monkey, James would love it.

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Ten Years Of Marching For Maddie

The beginning of the 2016 March, where we were the Family Ambassadors. I spoke in front of all of those people. Holy crap! If you can believe it (I can’t), this is our tenth year participating in the March for Babies, the March of Dimes’ biggest fundraiser. By participating, we help the March of Dimes champion the…

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