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One Down, Fourteen To Go

James has officially finished his first year of preschool. I honestly didn’t know if he’d make it. I’m joking when I say that, of course. I was just so worried about him at the start of the year. He felt so young and so behind where Annabel was when she started preschool. But of course,…

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Surfing Sunday 06.11

This girl is done with first grade on Tuesday. HOW. The year went by really fast, but everything seems to have been on hyper-speed since April. It’s especially hard to believe that at this time NEXT year, I’ll have a third grader and a Kindergartener! But I’m not gonna think about that right now because…

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Pinky Swear

It’s the last full week of school, so of course half of my house is sick. It all started with James being sick last week. Poor little guy had SUCH a high fever and a deep, croup-like cough. He’s finally better and back to school…and now it’s Annie and Mike’s turn. Mike came home from…

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The Right Stuff

As you all probably know by now, I was a pretty hardcore Debbie Gibson fan back in the 80s. Besides Debbie, I was also super into the other ladies of the 80s – The Go-Gos, The Bangles, Paula Abdul, Heart, Madonna, Whitney, Cindi, Janet…these women were my heroes. For some reason, I was never really…

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Surfing Sunday 06.04

One of the fun things for me about Annie playing softball is how she lets me braid her hair in crazy ways. I know that’s a weird thing to appreciate, but she’s currently in a “I will brush my hair myself DON’T TOUCH IT” phase for every day hair styling, and y’all know how much…

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