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Last weekend, I bought Mike a harmonica as a little gift. I should have known that the kids would immediately want it, but James is OBSESSED with it. He even brought it to his preschool class for show and tell. For his class, we had him practice, “Hi, I’m James and this is my harmonica…

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Old Lady Spohr

Things are very different for Annabel than when I was in school. She can join¬†all sorts of fun extracurricular activities, and her school holds all sorts of fun little events. Something that’s HUGE now that wasn’t around when I was a kid is the 100th Day of School. From what I understand, this tends to…

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DIY Valentine Wall Hanging

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve gotten my craft on, and my kids have noticed. “Mom, how come you don’t make us anything anymore?” Um, IDK Annabel, because I’m too busy¬†hiding in a blanket fort while I watch the world spiral out of control? But crafting is a good outlet for me no matter…

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The Joshua Tree

This last weekend I had a trip away with a group of my friends who I don’t see nearly enough. We all have kids and crazy lives, but somehow the stars aligned and we were all able to meet up at our friend Jess’ house in the California desert. Our agenda was: ~eat ~laugh ~drink…

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Surfing Sunday 02.05

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. I’ve spent the last two days on a girls’ trip to Joshua Tree, and it’s been fantastic to get some time away with my friends. I’m timing my drive home for the beginning of the Super Bowl. I’m hoping that will mean no traffic and smooth…

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