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Surfing Sunday 09.15

Yesterday the kids and I made the first of what I’m sure will be MANY trips to the local Halloween store. Annie and James still love being scared by all the creepy displays (I wasn’t blown away by the offerings this year, but there were still a few good ones). James seems pretty set on…

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Surfing Sunday 09.01.19

On Monday I developed a very sudden, very severe case of pink eye. My kids were at school for three days and *I* am the one who got pink eye. THANKS. It was really gross. First my eye turned bright red, then my cornea started swelling. If eye things gross you out, DO NOT GOOGLE…

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Surfing Sunday 08.25

Oh my goodness, these last two weeks were nuuuuuuts. Our trip home from New York City was delayed because James got sick and wasn’t allowed to fly (he was having some breathing issues, the doctors suspect he has asthma so we are now getting that investigated). When we finally got home we had to quickly…

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Surfing Sunday 08.11

We’ve spent the last week at a Spohr family reunion in Massachusetts. It was so much fun to meet distant relatives and learn about the “east coast” Spohrs. Annie and James had an absolute BLAST doing all the fun outdoorsy things that are all around in Cape Cod. They swam in lakes, caught fish, went…

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Surfing Sunday 08.04

I really don’t know what to say this morning. I woke up yesterday with a heavy heart — the day marked seven years since my wonderful, amazing friend Jackie passed away from a brain tumor. And then the day got worse…unfathomably worse. Mass-shootings — mass-murders — in two major cities, only 13 hours apart. Two…

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