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Surfing Sunday 07.07

The All-Star softball season officially came to an end for Annie’s team yesterday. They made it to the State tournament, which was a huge accomplishment. Their two losses were to teams that qualified for the regional tournament and they were both close games. If you have to lose, you want it to be to teams…

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This Is Spohrty

Hey so, I turned 40 on Thursday. The big four-oh. I’ve been treated to an AMAZING birthday week by my family and friends, and it’s made me feel so special. On Monday, my oldest friend, Tara, threw me a surprise party at her house. I was actually surprised, too!!! I had a great time celebrating…

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Surfing Sunday 06.16

So much has happened for the Spohrs in the last two weeks. The kids finished school (so long, kindergarten and third grade), we traveled to Irvine for a softball tournament, and we’re currently halfway through another softball tournament. But even though it’s the summer of softball, we haven’t forgotten that today is Father’s Day (okay,…

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Surfing Sunday 06.02

You guys. James turned SIX on Thursday. SIX! I wish everyone could spend time with James. He’s never met a stranger (which is a little terrifying as his parent), and loves to make people happy. He’s a wonderful little weirdo who dreams of being an American Ninja Warrior, is obsessed with The Avengers, and still…

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Surfing Sunday 05.26

Happy Memorial Weekend! The softball league that Annie plays for hosts a large tournament every year, so I’ve been living at the softball fields since Friday – in fact, I’m writing this AT the fields (yay for hotspots). It’s fun to help put on a tournament that hosts over 80 teams, but it’s (unsurprisingly) a…

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