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More Birthdays!

Hey party peeps! Annabel here. I’m breaking my blog silence to talk to you about something very important to me – birthdays. More specifically, how I think I should get to celebrate one every day. My mama, however, has brutally rebuffed this idea, and this is why I’m coming to all of you. Ever since I celebrated…

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Annie Don’t You Walk So Fast

Hey party peeps! As you may have seen in my mommy’s video last week, I’ve started walking. I’m almost embarrassed to link back to that video because man, I am sooooo much better at walking now than I was a week ago! I can now stand up without any help, and I can walk for…

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Let Me Break It Down

Mommy said I was kind of a bad girl today. I didn’t want to nap. I screamed and cried almost all day. So, Mommy said I had to write an essay explaining what I did. She said it was something she had to do a lot growing up, whatever that means. You don’t know what…

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No Sleep Til

Hi everyone! Annie here. I’m writing to you from a hotel bed in New York City. I’m just finishing up a trip with my mommy, Gramma, and Auntie Leah. We’ve had so much fun! The first fun thing we did was fly to New York. My mommy always talks about how she hates ‘schlepping all…

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