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The Fifth Year Of Annie

Annabel is five years old! What a wonderful year it’s been. If you can’t see the video above, click here.  I love the tune Mike wrote this year! Every day we say how lucky we are to have such an amazing, thoughtful, hilarious, generous, clever, darling girl. Happy birthday, Annabel. We love you! Annie’s Fourth…

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When I’m Five…

Annabel has been obsessed with turning five…pretty much since the day after she turned four. To her, five is a magical age where just about anything can happen. Almost every day she started a sentence with, “When I’m five…” and the words that followed were always adorable and sweet. I started writing down what she said,…

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No Candy Valentine: I Like You This Much

Whenever Valentine’s Day is approaching I start checking the dollar aisle at my local Target. Annabel’s school requests the parents not bring in candy treats, so I always try to find the cute little toys before they all get snatched up. This year I found these cute stretchy hearts with arms that came six to a package….

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Double Parent Fail

Yesterday, several people sent me a link to a story that’s exploding on the internet: a little boy was sent an invoice when he was a no-show at a classmate’s birthday party. Basically, “Boy A” RSVPd that he’d attend a birthday party at a place with an admission fee, but ended up missing the party…

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Work Hard, Play Hard

This post is sponsored by SunTrust. Thank you, SunTrust! For the last few years I’ve woken up on January 1st with a major post-holiday hangover after having gone over budget on gifts. Every year I swear I’m going to do better, and then every year I forget about my promises and get caught up in…

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