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Surfing Sunday 12.21

Annabel is officially on winter break. On Friday, her class had their holiday singing program and it was adorable. Annie was standing next to her friend, G, who is the biggest, cutest ham ever, and I couldn’t stop cracking up over his hilarious expressions and enthusiastic singing. The entire class was really into it – Annie has had…

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Annie’s Kitchen: Holiday Fudge

Annie and I make her “cooking shows” all the time – like, she’ll be having yogurt and she’ll say, “MOM! Film me, I’m going to do a cooking show!…so to make yogurt, first you peel back the foil…” It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of her cooking shows, but I thought I’d share…

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Everyone Is Missing Someone

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people I know who are grieving fresh losses. Holidays are so hard…they are a time of togetherness, and nothing emphasizes who isn’t there like having the rest of your loved ones in the same place. A friend in grief recently said to me, “Give it to me straight:…

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DIY Holiday Hat Ring Toss

With Winter Break starting next week, I’m already stockpiling ideas to keep the kids busy. I thought it would be fun to make a game we could all play, even James! This hat game was cheap and easy to make – you just need felt, pipe cleaners, and glue. You can make a red Santa hat,…

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This Year’s Pic With Old Saint Nick

Annabel is even more into Santa this year than she was in past years. She has asked me – begged me! – to take her to see Santa every day since Thanksgiving. I tried to find a day that worked for everyone, but Mike finally said, “Just take them, it’s fine,” so we went on…

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