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Becoming Joy From Inside Out

After putting together Annabel’s Wyldstyle costume for Halloween, she has been begging me to help turn her into other characters. She usually asks for something really hard to pull off, so when she asked if I could turn her into Joy from Inside Out I said yes because it was by far the easiest request she’d made….

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Vision Of…The Back Of Someone’s Head

My cousin Leah is an enormous Mariah Carey fan, so when it was announced that Mariah would take up a residency in Las Vegas, Leah was all over it. The day the tickets went on sale, Leah bought four. “For me, Ted, you, and Mike!” Mike was like, “LOL no,” so Leah’s bestie Aza took his…

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Surfing Sunday 07.26

Writing this post in advance because I am spending Saturday & Sunday in Las Vegas to see the Mariah Carey show. My cousin Leah is a die-hard fan, and since she came with me to see Britney last year, I am tagging along on this one. The only difference is she’s never seen Mariah perform…

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Flashback Friday: The Amazing Annabel

Annabel and James have been watching this video on repeat. It’s one of my favorites, too. If you can’t see the video above, click here. I have a feeling another Amazing Annabel installment might be in the works. I heard something about a new superhero in the family…

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Family Brain Rains

Mike and I each have jobs where we have to come up with a lot of different ideas for lists, so we often have brainstorming sessions where we throw ideas back and forth. Mike will say, for example, “What about ‘X Signs You’ve Found Your Parenting BFF,’” and I’ll say, “Yeah, that sounds good. What…

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