The Acrobat Returns

When I was pregnant with James I nicknamed him The Acrobat because he was always doing flips and kicks and rolls. My belly was his own personal circus tent. I was actually worried that he was going to be an insane infant that never stopped moving, but the chillest little dude emerged instead. That’s how…

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DIY Shower Curtain Wet Bag

It’s kind of surprising to me that in all of my years of parenting, I’ve never had a proper wet bag. I used to just stuff a Ziploc into my diaper bag so I was ready for any soiled clothes or wet bathing suits, but what I really wanted was something that was reusable and…

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I wake up in the morning when Mike’s alarm goes off, but I don’t get out of bed. The baby immediately starts making noise, so Mike goes to change his diaper while I doze. A few minutes later, Mike brings a dry, happy baby to me in bed. James either flops down on top of…

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While You Were At Preschool…

I won at Scrabble. Annie says, “Mommy, he beat Rigby? But Rigby’s older than him!” 

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Say Yes To The Flower Girl Dress

My cousin Leah is getting married in October, and she’s been ticking things off her checklist like crazy. It’s been eight years since I planned my wedding and I’d forgotten how far in advance so many things have to be taken care of. Leah picked out her wedding dress and our bridesmaid dresses a few…

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