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Interview With A Dance Man

James is a talker now. He nevvvvver stops talking or making noise (or moving, but that’s another story). I realized the other day that we have a bunch of interviews of Annie when she was his age, so it was high time we sat James down and asked him some questions. If you can’t see…

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This Is Not Okay

I spent the last four days squeezing out the last bit of summer with my kids. Annie and I went on a fun road trip to San Francisco, and then when we came back we met up with my mom and James and spent a day at Disneyland. The rest of our summer (only a…

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A Splendid Time Was Had By All!

It’s been more than a week since we had the book party for The Toddler Survival Guide, but the kids are still talking about the unlimited carousel rides. (I’m going to tell myself the non-carousel, book-related elements impressed them just as much.) We all had a blast, though, and it was so wonderful to share…

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Surfing Sunday 08.13

Annie and I are on a fun girls’ trip this weekend with our friends Jayme and Dylan. You really haven’t lived until you’ve spent ten hours in a car with two seven-year-olds. O_O I think Jayme and I have suffered permanent hearing loss from all of the squeals and shrieks. But we’ve had a ton…

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I Wonder

I spend a lot of time (probably too much time) wondering about things. I wonder why I still get car sick at 38 years old. I wonder why the grocery store isn’t arranged in alphabetical order. I wonder if Lee Corso will ever acknowledge me. But mostly, I wonder about Jackie and Maddie. Last week…

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