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Ain’t It A Shame

Last week Mike wrote a post on BuzzFeed about parents who discipline their children by publicly shaming them. If you’re unfamiliar with this trend, it’s where parents do things like make their misbehaving child stand on a street corner while holding up a sign that says what the child did wrong, and they post a picture…

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DIY Ring Pin Cushion

Today is my grandmother’s birthday, she would have been ninety years old. My gramma, as I’ve mentioned in the past, was very talented with a needle and thread. She was a big quilter, and she was always willing to drop what she was working on to help me hem my pants (she said every petite…

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Swing Shift

A few weeks ago, I realized James had never been on a swing. I don’t know how that happened, to be honest. While I definitely make an effort to keep his porcelain-white skin out of the sun, I didn’t realize I’d deprived him of his basic baby right to sit in a bucket on the end…

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At The End Of The Day

Mike is gone for eleven hours every week day, leaving our house at 8:00 am and returning at 7:00 pm. When he arrives home, he usually walks into a combination of any of the following scenarios: ~Annie is in her room for quiet time/time out. The two of us need that separation by the end of the day….

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A Princely Giveaway

This giveaway sponsored by Tommee Tippee. Thanks, Tommee Tippee! Today is the first birthday of Prince George of Cambridge, aka the son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine. I’ve always been a bit of an Anglophile, I think because I’m very into US History and Great Britain is a large part of it. I was…

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