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What He Didn’t Know He Wanted

This post is sponsored by Neato Robotics. Thanks, Neato! When I was growing up, it was absolutely impossible to shop for my dad at his birthday and the holidays. There was nothing he wanted, and there was nothing I could think of that he might want. Infuriatingly, when we’d ask him what he wanted he’d…

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Easy Burlap Christmas Trees

I wanted a few more handmade trees to go with the ones I made last week, so I decided to use some of the one material I have coming out of my ears – burlap. I have an absolute crap-ton of the stuff left over from my cousin’s wedding shower, and it’s too late to…

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Nothing Changes In Silence

Last night after my kids were asleep, I turned my attention to┬ásocial media to read reactions to the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, MO. I read thousands of posts, but there were two things in particular that really struck me. The first was something I saw across several of the Facebook threads I participated in….

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Questions On Camera

This post is sponsored by OneDayApp. Thanks, OneDayApp! As I’ve said countless times here, I’m so glad I’ve kept this blog for twelve years. I’ve documented more than a third of my life here, including so many little things I never would have remembered if I hadn’t written them down. I hope my kids get…

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Surfing Sunday 11.23

This has been a jam-packed weekend of fun! On Friday I had girls’ night out and saw the latest┬áHunger Games movie, yesterday we all went to Disneyland to take in their holiday decorations, and today I am having another girls’ outing, this time to see the musical Kinky Boots. I like to pack my weekends…

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