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This Is What Happens When Your Kids Get Your Technology

Annabel was in a stroller back when I bought my laptop, and I remember the sales guy saying to me, “You should buy the warranty, because kids have a way of screwing up technology.” I remember saying, “Oh, I’ll never let my kids use my tech!” Oh, younger Heather. So innocent and stupid. Now my kids pounce…

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DIY Confetti Eggs

Last year I had pictures of the kids smashing confetti eggs on Easter, and a lot of you asked about them. Confetti eggs, or cascarones, are big in Hispanic celebrations, and are pretty popular here in the LA area. They are very easy to make and are a good option for anyone who wants to dye eggs but…

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The One With Rat Genitals

We have a quarterly pest control service. We don’t get anything out of the ordinary, but as you know, I do not do spiders. It works well…despite getting the occasional spider inside the house, we haven’t had any other problems with bugs, ants, etc. The pest control service is a fairly large company, but the…

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The Veggie Zone

This post and deal is sponsored by Blue Apron. Thanks, Blue Apron! Ever since I finished my Whole30, I’ve been in a food rut. I’ve almost felt a sort of food revolt in that I was just so over thinking about food. I was tired of my go-to foods, tired of meal planning, and tired of doing…

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Surfing Sunday 03.22

I was just looking through my archives and realized I started putting up these Sunday posts a year ago today! I have really enjoyed putting them together, so I hope you guys like them! Around The ‘Net ~Thinking : Parent – The LEGO Friends wars are back, and girls are losing. But not for the…

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