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My Son, The Cartoon

Always up to no good. When I was pregnant with James, I very rarely let myself imagine what life would be like when he was here, because I was too afraid to hope he’d make it here safely. But as his due date grew closer, I would occasionally picture Annabel and a little boy playing…

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DIY Soda Bottle Jet Packs

I like to give the guests at my kids’ parties favors that they can use again and again. Since James is having a space party, I decided on jet packs. I came across several tutorials on how-to make them on Pinterest, but they were all huuuuge and a bit more complicated than I thought was necessary. Instead…

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On To The Next

I knew I was done having babies before James was even born.  Obviously, pregnancy and I do not get along! I gave away my maternity clothes when he was a few months old, and got a five-year IUD. But for some reason, I packed away the too-small baby clothes, old toys, and strollers. I told myself I…

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Surfing Sunday 5.24

Happy Memorial Day, Americans. We are enjoying our long weekend. We had a birthday party, watched some softball, and we’ve been prepping for James’ birthday party. It’s going to be pretty amazing! Yesterday, I was explaining what Memorial Day is to Annabel, and I told her that none of my friends in the armed forces have…

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When He Was Small

I know James *technically* is still small, but when I watch this video of the first year of his life, he just seems like a giant now. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Two next week! My sweet, crazy little boy.

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