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Our Journey

Every year I share a video of the speech I gave at the March for Babies in 2009, which I gave just a few weeks after Maddie died. I never rewatch it because it’s way too emotional, and I just can’t let myself go back into that headspace, even for a second. Last year as…

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As you all know by now, April is a crappy month. We have the anniversary of Madeline’s death at the beginning, and the March of Dimes’ March for Babies at the end. And while the March for Babies is a beautiful thing, it’s also emotionally debilitating. I hate asking people to join my team, and…

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Family Fight

Last week, I had a water balloon fight at my last softball practice. James saw us filling up the balloons before practice, and he was soooo mad that he didn’t get to participate. Luckily for James, I bought more balloons than we needed, so I promised him we’d fill them up over the weekend. Because…

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Surfing Sunday 04.23

We have had a softball-filled weekend. We had a double-header yesterday, and today is a big “fun day” fundraiser for the league. I’m glad that Annabel really enjoys softball, and wants to participate in all the skills challenges┬átoday, like throwing contests and hitting contests. I’m sure James will also want to participate, because anything Annie…

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Annie and Liam are the presidents of each other’s fan clubs. The way they interact reminds me so much of how I interacted with Leah when we were younger. It’s so fun to watch this play out now with our own children! The last time Liam was at our house, he’d just had his one-year…

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