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The Practice Wedding

When Annie woke up on Friday morning, she practically floated out of bed. “WE LEAVE FOR TIA LEAH’S WEDDING TODAY!!! AND THE HOTEL!!!” Leah and Ted’s wedding was being held at a beautiful ocean-front hotel about 60 miles south of where we live, and since we had to be¬†there for so many different things we…

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Surfing Sunday 10.19

I’m writing this one in advance because last night was finally my cousin’s wedding! I’m certain it was beautiful, I’m certain it was tons of fun, and I’m certain I’ll be writing more about it this week. Around The ‘Net ~An Archaeologist Found A “Vampire” Skeleton With A Stake Through Its Heart ~A Better Way…

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Flashback Friday – “Kids Don’t Want To Be Cute On Halloween”

When you’re picking costumes for your kids this year, remember to keep one thing in mind… If you can’t see the video above, click here/. I hope you get to dress up REAL scary.

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Making A Wyldstyle Costume

Not long after Annabel saw The Lego Movie she declared she wanted to be Wyldstyle for Halloween. Since the movie came out in¬†February, I didn’t think that would actually happen. But here we are, a few weeks before Halloween, and she’s still firmly insisting on Wyldstyle. I started looking for costumes from The Lego Movie…

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RED ALERT! The American Girl Catalogue Is Coming!

So this came in the mail yesterday: This is the kind of thing that I would normally hide from Annabel immediately, but yesterday I was carrying James and some groceries and I asked her to grab the mail. I should know better than to let her get the mail at this time of year. It’s…

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