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Afraid For My Shadow (Updated)

UPDATE: The vet just called. Rigby has cancer. Further tests have to be done to determine if it’s Lymphoma or Leukemia, and then we’ll know treatment options. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. We’re devastated but hopeful that it’s been caught early and we’ll have options. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xoxo Heather…

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Surfing Sunday 11.22

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, everyone! We’re getting ready for our annual trek up to the San Francisco Bay Area to spend some time with Mike’s family. It’s going to be cold, so I’ll be buying some sweaters today for the kids…they rudely outgrew all of the cold-weather stuff I bought them last year. I really need them to…

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Feel The Joy On Bright Friday

Thank you so much to Glade® for sponsoring this post. One of the things we really try to get across to our kids this time of year is how the holidays are more than just about getting presents. Our kids are lucky — they have lots of family and friends who love them — and,…

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Hello From The Other Side

James is still massively obsessed with “Uptown Funk” and all things Bruno Mars, but lucky for my sanity, he’s started to incorporate other artists into his playlist. Like the rest of the world, he can’t get enough of Adele’s “Hello,” and loves to sing along to it. Yesterday on Facebook I shared a video of James singing…

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Goodbye Winter Skin Woes

I have partnered with Dove for National Healthy Skin Month. Thanks, Dove! Winter is a weird time for Californians because it isn’t always cold. I mean, it is winter, so it’s still cool, but there are days when it’s warm enough to go out in what would be considered a summer dress anywhere else. There…

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