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A Golden Opportunity

This post is sponsored by Golden Tote. Thanks, Golden Tote! James is impossible to go shopping with these days, especially when we’re shopping for me. My summer wardrobe consisted almost entirely of tank tops and yoga pants or running shorts (for comfort, not to, you know, work out). So what I’m saying is my closet is…

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The First Grade

Our first First Day of School of the year is in the books! Mike and I blasted Kool and the Gang’s Celebration to wake her up, and she hopped out of bed dancing (James is not a morning person and was super-pissed). She talked all the way through breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and doing hair….

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Old School Days

Yesterday we found out Annabel’s teachers and classmates (we’re all thrilled—I’m happy about the awesome teachers, she’s happy that her best friend is in her class). As we walked back from the school, I told her how her uncle and I would be bouncing off the walls the night before school started. When she asked…

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Three Musketeers

We have made it through another summer! Annabel starts school tomorrow and I am soooo ready for routine (even if it’s going to start a lot earlier, waaaah). We just have to survive today, which may kill me: Annabel finds out her teacher and classmates today, and she is going to ask me every 2…

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Surfing Sunday 8.21

School starts for Annabel on Wednesday!! WOOOO HOOOO! She is so excited to see her friends every day. Yesterday she chatted with her best friend on the phone and they talked about their first day outfits, and who they hope is in their class. All of her new supplies are loaded into her new backpack,…

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