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Surfing Sunday 02.18

I’ve spent the last part of this week in a fog because yet again, there has been another act of senseless violence in our schools. I am sickened and horrified and FED UP. I’m in awe of the student survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. They are eloquent and powerful and ANGRY,…

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And Away We Go

Our big Christmas gift to the kids last year was…a trip to Disney World. I NEVER thought I would go to Disney World. We only live an hour from Disneyland and I just couldn’t see us ever spending the money for a trip to Orlando when — again — Disneyland is practically down the street….

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Surfing Sunday 02.11

Yesterday, Mike and I dealt with our first “conflicting sports Saturday.” James had a baseball clinic, while Annie and I had to go to the park for field clean-up day. I’m glad that the home fields for their two leagues are very close, but I still have my fingers crossed that my two ball players…

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The Eighth Year Of Annabel

Annabel is eight! What an amazing, jam-packed year this girl had. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Mike wrote the perfect song for this year’s video, it really captured what an exciting 12 months she had. We are so proud of our smart, kind, friendly, creative, clever, hilarious, generous, beautiful girl. Happy eighth…

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Dear Annie

“Mom, I want to give people advice. I have a lot of advice to give.”  “…okaaaaay.” “Can I write some and you can post it on your blog? You haven’t let me post on your blog in a long time, Mom.” “…okaaaaay.” How to Make More Friends! Say hi to everyone you see. Tip: call…

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