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At The End Of The Day

Mike is gone for eleven hours every week day, leaving our house at 8:00 am and returning at 7:00 pm. When he arrives home, he usually walks into a combination of any of the following scenarios: ~Annie is in her room for quiet time/time out. The two of us need that separation by the end of the day….

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A Princely Giveaway

This giveaway sponsored by Tommee Tippee. Thanks, Tommee Tippee! Today is the first birthday of Prince George of Cambridge, aka the son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine. I’ve always been a bit of an Anglophile, I think because I’m very into US History and Great Britain is a large part of it. I was…

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My Little Hoover

Kids are weird. Annabel loves cleaning windows. I discovered this when she was little (Baby Annie in that link, omg) and you’d better believe I still exploit it. The bottom fifty inches of my windows and mirrors are spotless. She’s also really into sweeping, especially if you call her Cinderella. She was, however, always incredibly terrified…

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Surfing Sunday 7.20

I can’t believe it’s already July 20th. I feel like Summer just started, but Annie is already six weeks into vacation. I had to pay her pre-k tuition…ugh, even though last week I said I wanted a month where I didn’t have to think about school, I just have to get over it. The back…

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Tongue Twisters

Yesterday my mom came over to watch the kids when I went to a meeting, and while I was gone she introduced Annie to tongue twisters. Annie got one or two right, but the rest… not so much. It was pretty cute, though, and they had a good laugh which my mom caught on film….

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