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When He Was Small

I know James *technically* is still small, but when I watch this video of the first year of his life, he just seems like a giant now. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Two next week! My sweet, crazy little boy. About these ads

About these ads

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My Day As A Lobbyist

For the last few years, the March of Dimes has invited me to go to California’s Capitol Day, an annual event where staff and volunteers from March of Dimes travel to Sacramento to lobby legislators on behalf of moms and babies. It’s very similar to what Mike and I did six years ago in Washington,…

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Grin And Bear It

I was looking back at my blog archives from last year, and I realized that almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about the effects hyperemesis gravidarum had on my teeth. It’s very common for HG sufferers to have massive enamel erosion on their teeth, and I was not one of the lucky ones: almost…

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Monsters Are NOT Real

Annabel dictates probably ten or so posts to me every week. She’s pretty prolific! I’ve saved them all for her to read someday, because a lot of them are so sweet and cute. When she dictated this post to me, she¬†very specifically instructed me, “Mom, don’t save this for just us, this post is all…

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Sayonara, Sick

As I briefly touched upon in my Sunday post yesterday, we have been dealing with yet another round of illness in our house. This cold and flu season has been jammed with sinus infections and bronchitis and some really gross things that we will never speak of again. I need everyone to be healthy already….

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