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What Do You Want To Be?

ALRIGHT YOU GUYS! October starts tomorrow, and you know what that means, right? It’s officially Halloween Month!!! It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t kick off this joyous season with a Halloween classic. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Lucky for me, the kids picked out their costumes weeks ago so we…

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Friends Quotes I Live By

As you all know, the show Friends is a staple in our house. We watch the reruns all the time, and I can’t imagine a time when I’ll ever say, “I don’t want to watch that Friends episode.” I have seen every episode numerous times over, but I still laugh at every joke like it’s the first time…

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Call Me Vin

There’s an old saying, “Never meet your heroes,” because they’ll let you down by never living up to your inflated expectations. I’ve been pretty lucky in my life that I’ve been able to meet several people who I’ve admired, and thankfully the majority lived up to my expectations. Still, there were a few who were…

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Surfing Sunday 9.25

Yesterday was my niece Michaela’s 7th birthday, and lucky Annie got to go with her to Disneyland to celebrate. Annie has been a bit timid about rides in the past, but she promised she’d go on whatever rides Michaela wanted to go on — and she did. After going on the Indiana Jones ride, Annie…

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They’re Worth It

As you know, Annie and James LOVE music, and are really getting into The Beatles, which Mike is very excited about. But they also love a good pop song and busting some moves, which I am very excited about. Is it just me, or does James remind you a little of Jason Sudekis dancing in…

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