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Rub A Dub Dub

I’ve partnered with Baby Dove for this post. Thank you, Baby Dove!  I have really sensitive skin, and it took me a really long time to find products that could help me. I tried everything from pricey salon brands to generic supermarket soap before finally finding Dove body wash and lotion. I’ve been using it…

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The One Where I Lost My Bathing Suit In Front Of Children

We had a great time last week at Great Wolf Lodge. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was seeing Annie get a bit more adventurous when it came to trying activities that she’d deemed “too scary” in the past. Mike and I really like going on the big water slides, but Annie is afraid…

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Surfing Sunday 06.18

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there! Annabel’s last two all-star games of the year are today, so our day will be spent at the fields. We celebrated Mike a bit yesterday, and we’ll celebrate him again today after the games are finished. It’s not the day I would have planned for…

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Best Time Ever

Annie was pretty jealous when I saw NKOTB a couple weeks ago. “When do *I* get to go to another concert?” Luckily for her, we had one already scheduled for the following weekend: Kidz Bop. Annie: I was SUPER excited when Mom and Daddy told me we were going to Kidz Bop! I was running…

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One Down, Fourteen To Go

James has officially finished his first year of preschool. I honestly didn’t know if he’d make it. I’m joking when I say that, of course. I was just so worried about him at the start of the year. He felt so young and so behind where Annabel was when she started preschool. But of course,…

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