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Surfing Sunday 02.18

A few days ago, Southern California was hit with one of the biggest rain storms I can remember. I know everyone likes to make fun of how everyone in LA “freaks out” over a little rain, but this was most definitely NOT a little rain. Our city is just not built to accommodate the massive…

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Dream On

James has himself a new favorite song. Well, new to him, at least. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Look out, Steven Tyler. James is coming for ya.

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More Than She Can Chew

This lovely little puppy has brought so much happiness back to our house. The kids adore her, and she loves to chase them around the house when they get rambunctious. I love having her curl up next to me when the kids are at school. It’s nice to have peace and quiet without being alone….

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Ringside Seats

On Sunday night, we went out to┬ámy nephew’s favorite restaurant to celebrate his tenth birthday. We were seated at a nice long table in a room just off the entrance. I always call these the “large party with kids” rooms – close enough to the main dining room to feel like you’re part of the…

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Surfing Sunday 02.12

On Friday, Annabel’s school had a 50s-themed sock hop. She was SO excited about it, she talked about it every day for weeks leading up to the big event. She said that she and her best friend were even practicing dance moves at school in preparation. The dance was super-cute. The school’s multi-purpose room was…

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