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Bedtime Races

For the last week or so the kids have been crazy wound-up at bedtime. They both get extremely excited when Mike gets home but they’re usually calm by jammies-and-teeth-time. This past week, though…Annie was really excited about school starting and the long weekend, and I think that’s played into it. James just feeds off of Annie’s…

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Back, Back, Back To School Again

Yesterday we had our First Annual Back to School party (I told Mike it was the first annual and he sighed). I kept it small, just the kids of my three local besties, although that meant there were eleven kids here so I guess “small” is relative! My poor cousin Leah had an emergency appendectomy…

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Surfing Sunday 8.31

This morning is our Back To School party. Annie still doesn’t know it’s happening! I don’t keep things from her with the intention of surprising her so much as it’s a function for survival. If she knew an event was happening she’d make me crazy by asking NON-STOP “Is it time? Is it time? Is it…

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Fiesta Friday: Video Scavenger Hunt

My brother’s sixteenth birthday party had a video scavenger hunt. This was back in the days when video cameras were huge – literally, because they recorded on VHS tapes. I remember my mom called a bunch of our friends’ parents to see who had video cameras we could use. That’s going to seem so crazy…

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Wrong Number

James has a new fascination with my cell phone. I get it – there are buttons, noises, bright colors, what’s not to like? When I’m making dinner I stick James in his high chair, and sometimes when he gets antsy I’ll turn on a baby app and hand him my phone. I did this the…

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