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Indoor Showers

My cousin Leah’s shower was at my house yesterday. The other bridesmaids and I had been planning it for weeks, but one thing we did not plan on was a record-breaking heat wave hitting Los Angeles. September is usually one of the best months in Southern California, so I wasn’t worried about rain or cool temperatures ruining…

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Surfing Sunday 9.14

This weekend was the beginning of what is going to be one of our busiest five-week stretches of the year. Today is my cousin Leah’s wedding shower, and every week and weekend after this we have someone traveling or attending events…I think the first day where we don’t have anything on the schedule is the…

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The One With The Flashback

Often when we watch Friends Annie will say, “Hey, I know that line!” And then we’ll all watch this clip of her saying famous Friends quotes. It’s still one of my favorite videos we’ve made! If you can’t see the video above, click here. WE WERE ON A BREEEEAAAAK!

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School Boy

With James I’m doing something I didn’t do with his sisters: a Parent/Child class. I never got a chance with Maddie, and with Annie I just wasn’t emotionally up for all the inevitable questions (“Is she your first? Any other kids?” etc). My friend Tara encouraged me to sign up for the class she was taking…

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DIY Multi-Strand Burlap Wreath

I wanted to have something pretty and festive on my front door for my cousin’s shower this weekend, but couldn’t find anything pre-made that I loved. I thought I’d try to make something with a standard styrofoam wreath base, but then I came across this square wire wreath frame and I thought that would be more…

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