While You Were On Spring Break

We slept in late. Annie says, “I love cuddling Jamesie!”  About these ads

About these ads

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Survivor’s Guilt

I was looking at James sleeping yesterday. He’s such a little cherub with those cheeks and lips and lashes. While his chest rose and fell I was overcome with happiness…that he was sleeping. And then the guilt came. I often feel like I have to enjoy every second of life and parenting – and if…

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DIY Cloud Tag Baby Toy

I’ve been wanting to make more things for James, because I love him and because Annie is at the point where she thinks every time I’m at my sewing machine I’m making something for her (not okay). I’ve whipped out a dozen bibs for him, but I decided he needed a toy. He loves his…

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Don’t Get Mad, Mommy

A few weeks ago, Annie went for a walk with my mom around my parents’ new neighborhood. One of my parents’ neighbors came out to greet them and introduce herself, and at one point she gave Annie some candy. My mom let Annie have it (hopefully after inspecting it for razor blades and anthrax, where is…

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While You Were On Spring Break…

We partied at the pool. Annie says, “I want to do this all the time!”   

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