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Flashback Friday: Instructions For Halloween

For weeks now, Annie has been prepping James on how to trick-or-treat. She’s a little frustrated that every time she says, “Trick or treat!” he cracks up (I personally think it’s adorable). “Why won’t he just SAY IT, Mama?!” Here is Professor Annabel’s Halloween 101: If you can’t see the video above, click here. Happy…

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Tommee Tippee Trick-Or-Treat (Giveaway)

This giveaway is sponsored by Tommee Tippee. This is the first year James will be old enough to go door to door with his sister on Halloween. I’m not sure how many houses he’ll actually make it to, but between him and Annie we’re going to have a LOT of candy in our house tomorrow…and…

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Annabel is in a fall crafts class once a week that has made some really cute fall and Halloween crafts. She’s really taken to it, and asks me all the time if we can make things at home. A few days ago we made spiders with yarn pom-poms and pipe cleaners, and then Annie tried…

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DIY Pumpkin Mason Jars

Annabel’s Pre-K teachers are really amazing. Their personalities are so perfect for a chatty kid like Annabel – they’re great at encouragement and discipline without making the kids feel like they’re being singled out. They also went above and beyond this month, taking care of an unexpected problem in a way that made me so…

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Fall In One

This past weekend was our first in ages where we didn’t have a million different commitments. Instead of taking it easy and recharging like smart people, we decided to cram a month’s worth of fall activities into one weekend. We started at the┬álocal carnival held at the nearby church. We hadn’t gone to this in…

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