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Getting Organized

I’ve been working hard to get our lives more organized. With Annabel now in school and she and James both in different activities, it’s more important than ever to have everything in order. I’ve been wanting to set up a sort of “Command Center” in our house for a while now, and the little nook…

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Homework Is The Worst

On Annabel’s first day of school, she brought home an information packet that included a sheet outlining homework. I was like, “LOL, homework in Kindergarten, what is it, singing songs and finger painting?” I was so naive. Yesterday, Annabel brought home her first homework packet. It was in this cute little folder: Let’s be real,…

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Slow Your Roll

Annabel has been asking to go bowling for a few weeks now. Who knows why – she probably saw a commercial for a bowling alley or something. When she mentioned wanting to go bowling to me, I was always like, “Yeah, we’ll do it soon.” She should have known to go directly to Dad.¬†Mike loves…

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Surfing Sunday 8.30

It’s been a bazillion degrees here this week – the heat wave started just in time for the first week of school. I drove by Annabel’s school on Friday (the hottest day) during morning recess and the Kindergarteners didn’t seem too bothered by the 100-degree temperature, but on our walk home I could see Annabel…

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On The Way To Her First Day

Annie’s new school is close enough to walk to, so we¬†walked her there on her first day of Kindergarten. Mike took a little video along the way and it’s pretty cute: If you can’t see the video above click here. We’ll have to take another video on her last day!

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