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Fiesta Friday: Video Scavenger Hunt

My brother’s sixteenth birthday party had a video scavenger hunt. This was back in the days when video cameras were huge – literally, because they recorded on VHS tapes. I remember my mom called a bunch of our friends’ parents to see who had video cameras we could use. That’s going to seem so crazy…

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Wrong Number

James has a new fascination with my cell phone. I get it – there are buttons, noises, bright colors, what’s not to like? When I’m making dinner I stick James in his high chair, and sometimes when he gets antsy I’ll turn on a baby app and hand him my phone. I did this the…

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Braided Fauxhawk

I received a lot of requests for a tutorial on how I did my hair for the Britney Spears concert. It looks complicated but I’d say its difficulty level is about a medium. You have to, at minimum, know how to do a french braid, but I think this looks even cooler if you know how…

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Not Sad To See Her Go

Last night I had a parents’ meeting with Annabel’s Pre-K teachers. It was your basic info session where they went over what to expect and we had time to ask questions. I recognized several parents from last year, but there were a few new faces. After the meeting was over, most of the parents filed…

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It Is NOT The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Over the weekend I was walking through my fabric store, something I do at least once or twice a week. At the front of the store, all the college stuff was in a big pile on major clearance, its old display location filled with fall decorations. The aisle behind that had Halloween decorations, which…a little early,…

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