Mad Lauer
Jersey Spohr
The Nurse
You Have To Squint To Tell Us Apart
My Little Maddie Moo
All Her Sweetness
What Do You Say
The Pedophile
Packing It In
The Connections We Make
All Atwitter
She Would Be Two
I Remember Them
Post Op
My Favorite Shirt
You Are Real
The Great Teething Test
For My Madeline
The Spohrs Are Multiplying
He Rests Under A Shady Tree
No Wigs Or Babies Were Harmed
Maddie’s First Music Video
I’m Ready For Prime Time, Player
The Birds And The Rigbys
I Might Like This Parenting Thing
In The Face Of Fear, True Beauty
153 Holes In My Heart
Desperate Measures
The Funeral
Bottled Up
Confession: Meals