~audition for a singing part
~be an extra on a TV show
~be debt free
~be married for fifty years (or more!)
~be in a Pantene hair commercial
~be on Saturday Night Live
~be on the Today Show
~beat my dog in a staring contest
~become a kazoo master
~bowl a 200 game
~build a tree house in my own backyard
~buy a bicycle with a basket and bell
~buy a house
~buy a piece of jewelry without looking at the price tag
~complete a photography program
~compliment a stranger once a week for a year
~convince someone I am my evil twin
~create Christmas traditions for my children
~decorate my own house
~drink champagne in France
~drive across the country
~establish a scholarship for former NICU babies
~explore Australia
~explore Europe with my husband
~find a bathing suit I’m confident in
~find the perfect bra
~finish a 10K
~gallop on a horse
~get a literary agent
~get a tattoo
~give at least five NICU families a year grants
~go an entire day without using negative words
~go back to Fiji
~go on a game show
~go on a trip with just my cousin
~go on a trip with just my mom
~go on a trip with my best girl friends
~go on every ride at Magic Mountain
~go to a World Series game
~go to Greece (technically done, but I plan on going back)
~go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
~have a third child
~hang a tire swing on my property
~have my own office
~have red hair
~help NICU families in all 50 states
~host a Thanksgiving dinner, and cook all the food
~hug Conan O’Brein
~join a choir
~join a lollipop guild
~kiss the Blarney Stone
~kite surf
~learn five songs on my guitar
~learn how to play the harmonica
~master photoshop
~memorize a dance routine, and perform it flash-mob style
~memorize all the moves in Cat’s Cradle
~organize a life list in alphabetical order
~organize California’s largest-ever group kazoo rendition of “Sexyback”
~own a pair of ridiculously priced shoes
~own property in Arizona
~paddle surf
~perform “The Lonely Goatherd” from The Sound of Music complete with marionettes
~photograph lightening
~prank call the Vice President of the United States
~publish a book
~raise one million dollars for charity (So far: $327,000)
~rescue a dog
~reveal Billie Jean’s baby daddy
~ride in a hot air balloon
~see all the best picture winning movies (more than halfway there!)
~sell a photograph I took
~set a world record
~sing the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium
~skinny dip
~sleep under the stars
~speak to and about my daughter Madeline every day (but still ongoing)
~stay on a mechanical bull for seven seconds
~take a perfect picture of a sunrise (I got good sunrise pictures, but it was cloudy. Must try again.)
~take a perfect picture of a sunset
~take a monthly photo of Annabel in the same chair until she is 1
~take a yearly photo of Annabel in the same chair until age 18
~take more pictures of myself
~take my daughter and husband to Ireland, Scotland, and Portugal
~take my husband to my favorite spots in London
~taste Guinness in the Guinness Brewery in Ireland
~upgrade my camera
~upgrade my lenses
~visit the Great Barrier Reef
~volunteer at the Los Angeles Blind Children’s Center
~walk a red carpet
~win a dance contest
~win a game of Monopoly
~win a karaoke competition
~write a book (finished the proposal)
~write a children’s book
~write a song, including the music and lyrics, and record it